Sunday, December 16, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....

Blizzard day here!   TONS of snow fell on the ground and it is not finished but we need to clear the driveway so hubby is outside with the snowblower and removing that white stuff from the ground...   Unbelievable how much snow is on the ground so far and we are not even in winter yet!!!

The snow banks are pretty high already.  What will it be by the end of winter?

I just caught my eldest trying to go over the fence to go play with the kids neighbor....  I wouldn't be surprise that by February they might be able to just go over it... He is already able to come to the living room window to say high... Mind you he is pretty tall but still... It has been ages since we had that much snow.

People on the street are having trouble driving so hubby went to help them.   We need gas for the snowblower as well.  Somehow our containers ended up in the shed so we have to borrow the neighbor's.  Thanks goodness for a1 good neighbor.

Now I have to go... the kids are back in and they are snowed up!!!


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