Saturday, December 29, 2007

The washer is dead...

Once again!   During the summer my father-in-law had repaired it but this time it smell smoke...  So the washer is unplugged and we are seriously debating about buying a new washer or buying a new pair of washer/dryer... Front load or upload?   Mmmmm!   Will we move or not?   That's the question really.  And if we move, when?   In a year, two years or more?

Our dream would be a buy some land and then build by design our own house.    Round around porch with rockers on it...  A dream of mine.   School room with bookcases - lots of them.   4 bedrooms upstairs with 2 bathrooms...   Basement finished with a pool table maybe?   Kitchen a bit bigger than the one we have with an island that has electrical plugs on it...   Lots of cabinets...   Big driveway for the trailer for sure.  And maybe a pool in the backyard?  And the woods for the kids to play in it.   A wood fireplace for sure...  Hardwood floors...

Hey it doesn't cost anything to dream right?    

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