Thursday, December 13, 2007

One more week...

Next week on Wednesday my c-section will happen...  So far I am the only scheduled one which means I will be more than likely done in the morning (hopefully early morning).   So next week on Thursday baby will be 1 day old already...  WoW!

My blood pressure seems to be controlled.   Yesterday it was fine.  But this morning I do have abit of a headache... so I will take it slow again.   Did a bit too much last afternoon and night.   But I had a great time with my hubby during supper at Red Lobster.   Delicious!

Got myself some new boots too!  Very warm and comfy...   I needed some to be honest since I discovered this year that my shoe/boot size was not adequate...   Got some orthotics as well and got my feet measured by specialists so that's how I know.  Go figure...  You go for years with a certain size of shoe thinking you are okay but really you are not.   Ah!    However, for boots that's another story... Boots are bigger and more bulky so my size is slightly similar that my previous size of shoes...   I got Salomon boots and believe me they are worth it!!!  

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