Sunday, February 10, 2008

Discovering a new passion?

Last week, a girl in our H.E.A.T. group had some watercolors and was painting.   I thought it was cool and Rob thought I should get myself some paint, brushes and paper to do that as well.   So at a store this week I bought some Crayola paint and paper... already had some brushes for the kids.

Yesterday I did my first drawing...  based on a card.   It's a cardinal - a common bird here in Ontario.  My first impression is that it's not perfect... but hey it is my first painting.  

Rob would like me to take some painting courses.   Me... I'm afraid.  Afraid to discover I really enjoy this and afraid at the cost to get started...   Painting can get really expensive.   So for now, I stick to what I have...  I know the paint I got is not the best... and the brushes I have are not great...   after all what can I expect from brushes bought at a dollar store...  but for now I practice!

I've sketched two other drawings... tulips and a ladybug.   Now I need to paint them.

Did I discover a talent that I didn't know I had?  Maybe...  I need to pursue this to make sure.


  1. That's a fantastic first try! I got my self some watercolor paints a couple of weeks ago to but haven't had a chance to sit with them yet :) My oldest is really into drawing and a local artist has just opened up a studio for lessons and if she has a large enough group it is fairly inexpensive to join in, so I'm hoping that we can get enough together for a few lessons. I would love to learn how to do it *grin* Make sure you post some more of your drawings, I can't wait to see how you progress. You'll have to share some tips :)



  2. I think you did a great job~ especially for a first attempt!