Saturday, February 2, 2008

Pathetic but true...

For those of you who don't know I have a Master degree in Information Techonology...  Now what is pathetic is that I just figured out how to created my own avatar...  DuH!    I downloaded a little software and it made it by itself...  And I uploaded it on my profile so now when I will post some comments I won't have the generic image.

To be honest, I never investigate much but I would love to have something special for my blog...  But I lack the courage to experiment or to create.   Love to scrapbook but don't have much time... so do you think I will have time to "update" my blog.... NOT!

So for now, it will stays like that...   Maybe I should post some pics of my ladybug collection...   The latest addition is my watch!  Just got it last Friday at Wal-Mart...  So cute with the ladybug ticking for every seconds passing by.   Love it!

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  1. Ok. this is the second comment...the first was lost to cyberspace. I am also wanting to change things on my blog but will need software/a manual to do so as I am not comfortable, yet, with computers (am I showing my age?) Thanks for the tag - I finally got around to my blog today.