Friday, February 1, 2008

Thanks goodness for friends in the States!

Yesterday it was the last day of January sale at   and I also had a 20% coupon from Homeschool Buyers Co-Op to use on that specific day.

However, when I was going through my order, I realized I couldn't get it shipped to Canada.   So I e-mailed my friend Heidi and asked her if I could get it shipped to her place and then her ship it to me after.  No problem she said.

So after I came back from Downtown because I had to get my health card renewed and a picture taken, I continue with the order while hubby prepares lunch.   He also looked at the things on sale and added some...  Well believe it or not, that website knew that my credit card was not from the states and wouldn't allow me to continue...  Bummer!

So after lunch and feeding the baby, I picked up the phone and called my friend...  She was surprised to hear my voice since we mostly communicate via e-mails or our blogs...   I'm glad I was able to talk to her.   Wish I could visit soon...  we shall see how long it takes to have Jasmine's birth registration to order the birth certificate and then how long to get the birth certificate to get a passport...   Long process believe me!

Anyhow, Heidi agreed to order the stuff and we did it on the phone.   We then send her the payment via paypal.   Technology is GREAT!   It is so easy... When she will ship it to me she will let me know how much and then we will send her payment for shipping via paypal again.  

Now I am waiting patiently (yah right!) for the LeapPad books we just ordered...   I'm so excited that I can't wait to see how my own kids will react to this.

I wonder if they will arrive before Dominic's birthday at the end of the month as we have some for him in there...

HEIDI you were a blessing for us yesterday!!!   Thanks again for your help!  

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  1. And I know that you would do the same for me.