Friday, April 11, 2008

A small problem... that could become a big one!

Okay I need some help here...   All my previous kids were not thumb suckers... but my darling little girl is.   Anytime she can she will pop the thumb in the mouth... and she is only three months!

She is cute though but my husband knows that breaking this habit is hard later in life - my sister-in-law used to suck her thumb when she was little...

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  1. You hit a sore spot with me. My daughter is 4 and still does it. I will check back to see what advice you get!

    Come visit when you can, blessings!

  2. thekrazyklodhoppersApril 11, 2008 at 9:16 AM

    We are in the same boat! My little guy has been a "thumb-sucker" since the womb! No kidding, I saw him doing it on an ultrasound~he loves to still do it! he is 4mo now and does it a bit less than he used to. My other two boys NEVER sucked their thumbs. Well, wait, my oldest did just few days after being born for like 5 minutes then never did it again. Maybe because he had a pacifier?

    Anyway, my DH was a thumb sucker and he gave it up eventually and his teeth are perfect. I wouldn't worry about it now, when they get older you can try the nail polish stuff. I think its one of those things that when they are infants they just sometimes do. You can always try the pacifier route so the thumb is forgotten (hopefully) as it is easier to take a paci away than to deal with thumbs.

    Here's hoping neither of us has to worry beyond this first year!!


  3. Actually she does have a pacifier but somehow when she looses it and I don't realize that she did, her thumb found it's way to the mouth...

    My husband sister was like that and they even tried the stuff to put on the thumb to make her stop but I heard that even though she made a face when putting her thumb there... she continued even with the Bad taste...

    We pray that our little Jasmine won't keep that habit!