Monday, April 21, 2008

Homeschool convention

This past week-end we went to the homeschool convention while my in-laws were babysitting for us.   We had a great time and I was able to get a few things on my list to buy...

Homeschooling in French I need to buy the other things in a French bookstore in the city but the Math program, Math U See, was available at the conference.   So I got the Beta for Alexandre and the Primer student book for Dominic.   Dominic keeps asking to have his Math U See so I got the primer book now and we shall see if he will be doing it slowly and surely.   

I went to a workshop given by a mom doing homeschool since 20 years or so... She had interesting tips and tricks for homeschooling for multiples children.   At one point she said that younger siblings have an advantage on older ones since they see and hear about what the older one is studying and when you get to teach the same thing it can come easily for them since they went through it already (indirectly).   I thought it was interesting.   I love to see Dominic being excited about doing Math U See as well.   

Another thing that I bought was the Mystery of History which I am planinng to do slowly with both kids.   Alexandre can't wait to start this...   I got the book and the CD so that I can reprint the tests and quizzes without having to do photocopies.   So nice...   

There was a few more things on my list but the prices at the conference was more than what I would paid at Indigo online store.   So I will go through the online store to get them.  

I also want to get the timeline figures from Homeschool in the woods...   If my friend Heidi can't find them at her homeschool convention then I will order them and get them delivered to her....   After all, I will see her in June!   I'm TOTALLY excited about this...   as I just made the reservation at the camping site where we will be staying!!!

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