Thursday, April 10, 2008

Weird feelings...

I'm reflecting to the fact I am leaving Sequoia to plant our own church.   In the same time I have the feeling that I am leaving my homeschooling family as well...   You see there is about 10 families at Sequoia who are homeschooling.   Mind you, we don't get together often or I don't get invited much probably because my kids are much younger than the rest... but still they encouraged me and they willingly answered my numerous questions when I was in the considering mode. 

Still I have one or two I can asked questions when I need...   Believe me it's a weird feeling - being sad to not see them anymore even though we didn't spoke that much except for Sundays.   It's so bizarre...  I guess deep down I wish we could be closer.

On another note, I am having problems with the type of discussions I hear when I go to Gymnastics.   Why in the world christians homeschooling people have to talk about others who are not in their presence - it's beyond my understanding...  I call it boderline gossip.  The other week, I was listening them complaining about the fact their husbands were not doing everything they do when they are away.   I think we should be fortunate that our kids are in good hands... Who cares if the dishes are still on the counter?   Really this is a minor issue.   My husband is not perfect but I know he is taking care of my kids... Besides the bible is very clear about uplifting your husband not putting him down.    So this week, I decided to bring my own homeschool work (LOL  I've found this French book that is stretching my vocabulary and my grammatical reasoning... very challenging!) and did that after I fed Jasmine.   I didn't feel like being part of the discussion...   I did heard bits and pieces but I kind of let it go.   I didn't want to be frustrated again this week.   I think it was wise from my part.

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