Friday, June 6, 2008

10th anniversary...

10 years ago on this special day, I married the man of my life.    Today we were planning to either go fishing and then supper at a restaurant and a movie or planning to see three movies (depending of the weather) but my mother-in-law couldn't move last night so we scratched the day part of it...   We do have friends coming to babysit tonight so we will go see a movie....  Now we just have to decide between Indiana Jones, Prince Caspian and Speed Racer. MmmmM!

Besides, we are not ready for THE trip yet.   Clothes are prepared... but not in the trailer.   So we will do this today I guess.   We also need to cut the kids' hair...  and I need to get a refresh cut for me.   

This morning our 2 year old got up again at 5:30ish....  Why in the wolrd would he get so early these days?  I wonder.   If only he could sleep until 630 or so....    I guess I needed to update this blog before leaving.

Tomorrow we will celebrate our nephew's birthday and we do have a H.E.A.T. service in the evening.

My 2 year old is a goofball... but I love him to pieces.   Only problem I wish he would sleep in the morning...   *sigh*

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  1. eclecticeducationJune 11, 2008 at 5:42 PM

    Congratulations! :) Which movie did you end up seeing? That is a really hard choice!!! We've seen both Prince Caspian and Indy, but have not see Speed Racer yet.