Sunday, June 22, 2008

Drama King....

 You probably have heard of the terminology Drama Queen.   But have you ever heard about the Drama King???

Well let me tell you that we have a Drama King in our midst.    Our sweet Dominic uses lots of drama when he sees blood.   Boy!   He was something special already when we are going to see the doctor for his wart under his foot but when he sees blood and had to get some peroxide on a wound….   My oh my do we hear the “Ouchy, ouchy, ouchy….   I need to band aid!”

It’s so dramatic that it is funny in a way.   I sure hope that he will calm down as he grows up….

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I've heard of a Drama King. I have one. He's 13.

    I've been praying, literally, that if he's not going to stop being a drama king, than we need to find an outlet for this possible talent the Lord has given him.

    Still praying. He's starting to be used!

    Maybe his knack for drama will be used in the kingdom somehow! :}

    Thanks for sharing.