Monday, June 16, 2008

Cape Cod Bay here we come....

Today is our first day in Massachusetts.    We decided to drive around Cape Cod Bay...   We went to the Cape Cod Chip Factory where there was a self-guided tour.   Couldn't take any pictures inside unfortunately.   But we got new flavors of chips.    I can imagine ourselves answering the questions of the cross-border people....

"Anything to declare?"

" Apart from Hershey chocolate, pretzels and chips.... Nope!"


Anyhow, the drive yesterday was way too looooooooooooooooooong.   Nine hours total.   So we decided to cut the last long drive in two.   This morning we called the campground in NB and told them we will arrive one day later than planned.   Then we called a campsite in Bangor, ME and reserved for the night we had just cancelled in NB.   Better.   A trip of 6 1/2 hours cut in two.   Way better.   However, my kids did great but it is better to cut it.   Don't want to burn out my poor hubby who is driving with the RV behind us.

Now today....   Drove and discovered wonderful little towns.   Saw lots of boats in the water.   At the end I was thinking... when you see one, you see them all.   We went to walk on a beach and saw a lighthouse.   Showed the kids where to look to find seashells.   Got some.... and now they are starting they how collection of seashells.   Just like me when I was a girl.   If only I could bring them very early in the morning on a beach....  Oh well.

We saw a commercial fishing boat unloading his cargo of the day.   Very interesting.    We saw wild seals too!   Oh that was a huge success with the kids.   Jasmine slept during that time but that's okay.   Hubby decided to try something new for supper so he bought swordfish and scallops.    Now scallops we know.   Swordfish thought we never tasted.   It was superdelicious!!!!!    And the boys loved it too!  

Not sure what we will be doing tomorrow.    We shall see and I will keep everyone posted.

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