Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blessings from Alberta...

... when we least expected it, we got a phone call from friends in AB.   Roger and Margie were pastor and wife of a church in Fredericton last year.  Now they live in Alberta.    We met more than 2 years ago in Cochrane, AB during an orientation session at the denomination where our churches would be link to.   Back then it was known as the CCSB now it's the CNBC but we are still southern-baptist.

So 2 years ago we met and we clicked.   Us 30 something kids and them older folks.   We lost contact but found each other at the CCSB convention in PEI last year.   We reconnected as though we haven't lost contact - you know what I mean?   It was so nice to see them and be able to stay at their place for a few days afterwards (yes they invited us to stop and stay a little while).   They babysat our kids while we went to see the new Hulk movie back then - a must for my husband.   We had a good time with them and were sad to leave Fredericton but we had to go back home...  Now my kids had another set of grand-parents...

Anyhow, Margie called to chit chat and it was nice to hear her voice.   She went through a lot in the Fall with strokes and she is back on her feet with no residual problems.   But she called to encourage us and it meant a lot for us because sometimes planting a church can be difficult.   And she is so loving as doing so.   Both of them are doing great and I'm very happy to hear that.  

Now I wish we could visit more easily but Alberta is not next door.   Hubby says it will take a lot of convincing to drive there.   My point is simple - you drive there with the RV going through Canada, and you come back via the US.   Obviously, we would have to go to Vancouver to see hubby's sister and her family...  but how many times in your life could you do that.  

So I am praying that someday we can do it... bring the kids out west, discover the plains and the mountains, if we are debt free and we have enough contracts to cover the cost.   This can't be done in one month - not with the amount of sight-seeing I like to do *grin*...  

Hey, a girl can dream... and ask God to provide.   After all doesn't the scripture says: "Ask and you shall receive."?   So Lord I ask.   Please make my dream a reality some day.

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