Thursday, February 12, 2009

Strong will child...

yes we have one of those... even though it is not the one we first thought it would be.

At first, we thought Alexandre would be it just because of when he was a baby, he walked at 11 months.   Ah!   Totally not...  He is our golden retriever who cares for people.   He is sensitive to the bone that kid.  Sweet like a peach.   Oh sure he is competitive but not strong will.  Alexandre is easy to teach.  You give him a few pages and he takes off and go do it.  

Then we though it was Dominic... after all he decided to walk at 9 months but now I don't think so.   Dominic is my drama king.  When something happens to him, watch out!    We had to bring him to see the doctor to get rid of warths and he was kicking and yelling so much because it hurt.     Him - it's revenge.  We work on this to tell him that it's not always about hitting back.   Don't take me wrong it's not always like that only when he is really mad...  Dominic needs to have something in his hands when I am teaching him (well except when he needs to write then the toy goes next to him).   His attention span is short and he loves to move.  

Then came Jérémy.   My rocker... He loves to rocks on the sofa, in the bed to fall asleep and yes he is still doing it at 3 years old.   Hubby was like that as well as some aunts of his - they don't rock anymore.   Jérémy like to push the buttons to see if we will do what we say.  For example, if he doesn't finish his supper, no dessert...   These days he took the habit to not finish his food...  Which drives me nuts but he knows it drives me nuts so I try not to react.   If he doesn't finish his breakfast, I don't give him a snack in mid-morning until he finishes it.   I think he is getting it....  So I have became a bit more creative for toilet training as he doesn't care.   He always carry Mr Lunt and now Jesus and Mary in his hands so now, if he doesn't go in the bathroom, I take them away until he goes....   Boy that worked!   He zoom to the bathroom to get his little characters.   So funny!    With him, we have to do a game of everything almost because he is so stubborn about not doing something if it doesn't make sense.    I see some interesting teaching moments in the future.   He is bright though.   Sang the alphabet the other day without any errors.   A surprise for both hubby and I.  He was the child who took the longest to walk - 17 months for whatever reasons...  

Jasmine is learning to walk these days.  She is cruising the walls now and taking her courage to go from one bucket of toy to the other without holding.   She is more girlie in her crawling, walking and even high five...   She rocks too but only in his seat during food time.   I think she might do it in the crib too but I am not sure about this.    She is a wiggly worm when it's time to change her.  Boy I never seen that.  Even my mother-in-law is amazed by it... she had babysat lots of kids and she never seen a kid moving so much.   So we shall see how she will be in the future.  I don't want to make any assumptions at this time.

Having said that, I think I will have fun next year when I will teach a 3rd grader, a SK and a pre-schooler as well as take care of a toddler...   Fun, fun, fun!

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