Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let's Grow with BeechNut!

As a BzzAgent, I recently received a box containing products from BeechNut. I immediately shared them with people I knew their kids would appreciate a different kind of snack. My own 17 month old daughter enjoys the Biter Biscuits and the Yogurt Nibbles.

These products are made with whole grain, do not contain preservatives or artificial colours or flavors, no added salt. One of the product even contains real yogurt. They are great for little ones!

They nibbles are the perfect size for little hands to reach, grab and eat. The cookies have a fun shape and crispy. BeechNut promises that their products won't contain junk. And I think they are doing pretty good at keeping this promise.

I recently discover that BeechNut have other products as well on the market. Their products are a little bit expensive but I would not hesitate to purchase some when we are travelling or camping. They are so easy to use and to put in a bag.

If you are looking for a product that is healthy for your toddler, check out the BeechNut products. They are worth it!

Oh and the bonus point for them is to have put some ladybugs on their Yogurt Nibbles package. *grin* - They are so cute!

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