Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Teaching preschoolers

I got the opportunity to read and review a brand new e-book titled “Creating a rich environment and a fun place to learn for preschoolers”. Various authors contributed to this e-book. Once again, I see quality in this wonderful e-book from TOS. I, myself, have four young children ages 8 to 18 months and I needed to get reminded how important it is to schedule time with my little ones. One-on-one time is important just as much it is important for them to feel included when you are teaching the older ones. I will have a multi-age homeschool this year and sometimes I wonder how I will do it. It doesn’t take much for a young one – take a wooden puzzle, play-doh, bricks, crayons, paper and you have a busy little one. My little Jasmine will be at the age where she will see her older brothers learning and I am sure that she will want to be included when September comes. Not always easy to adapt yourself to a demanding toddler and a junior kindergarten while teaching a senior kindergarten who is looking forward to read and a 3rd grader. So when I got the opportunity to review this new e-book I jump on the bandwagon even though I was in the midst of packing for our vacation. This e-book about preschoolers made me realize that little things can be a whole lot fun for an 18 months old. Take legos for example, how easy it is to sit down with her and show her how to stack them. Then there are the colors – repetition is a key for preschoolers. Take a blue brick and say “Here’s a blue brick” and so on with all the colors. Eventually she will pick up and realize what blue is and so on. Music is also something any kid – no matter the age really – would be attracted too. I think that is a reason why Veggie Tales is so popular because of the Silly Songs of Larry and the rest of the gang. Seriously though, I have seen my kids dancing of music when they were babies. I remember seeing Alexandre moving and grooving on a song of Elvis Presley when he was in his car seat while driving. He hasn’t change and now at 8 years old he loves to dance on various types of music. My other kids are just like him. This e-book also reminded me that the preschool years are challenging ones sometimes. But at the same time so rewarding and much easier that when they are older. Exploration is the number one way of learning – through snow, rain, sunshine, sand, grass, wood and yes even mud… Climbing, running, smelling the flowers, these are only examples of how the kids discover their world with wonder. It makes us slow down, sit next to them and relax. Life at a preschool age is so much simpler. Another way to include the little ones in the everyday life would be assigning age appropriate chores. Many suggestions are offered in this e-book about this specific activity. With time our little ones will realize that it’s not play all the time and that sometimes we need to work a bit. I am keeping this wonderful e-book on preschoolers close to me this year. It is packed with wonderful ideas and encouragements. I am 100% sure that I will refer to it often to remind myself that even though it is challenging to have little ones in the house it is also very rewarding! I strongly recommend getting this e-book for any homeschool mom who thinks she can’t handle her little ones while teaching the older ones or for anyone who is considering homeschooling when their little ones will be older. As for me, I will revise my schedule so that my little pumpkin feels more included in our school time. Thanks TOS for thinking of creating an e-book on preschoolers. I needed the ideas and the encouragements!

NOTE: This e-book will become available in the weeks to come through The Old Schoolhouse store. I will let you know when it will be available by provinding the link to purchase it.

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