Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Good Riddance

main_bookGood Riddance – Showing Clutter the Door
By Susan Borax and Heather Knittel


About the book

Good Riddance Showing Clutter the Door answers the question: Is it possible to lose 25 years of clutter with utter glee? It is when you surrender your CRUD (completely ridiculous unworthy debris), according to know-it-all professional organizers, Heather Knittel and Susan Borax. Short of an actual intervention, their book Good Riddance Showing Clutter the Door identifies the top 100 house-cluttering culprits most deserving of eviction, and how to send them packing. Susan and Heather skewer the useless infestation of belongings that everyone inexplicably keeps. Instead of cringing, the reader will be laughing her way to clutter reduction in less time than it would take to alphabetize her compact discs, spend her tax refund or get her husband to replace a leaky showerhead

My Thoughts

As I am writing this I am also in the midst of packing for a move.   Yes, since I received this book my husband got a new job north of Toronto and we will be moving hopefully by the end of the summer.    We are currently decluttering like crazy so that we can make the house more presentable for potential buyers.

But before we received the confirmation about the job, I had read some useful information in the book Good Riddance – particularly for the kitchen area.  Bottom line, if you haven’t touched something in the past 10 years or so ask yourself the question “Does it makes sense to move this just in case I will use it?”.   If you haven’t touched an item for a long period of time do you really think you will use it in the future?   I guess that your answer will be NO.

So I started going through my cupboards and asked myself the question.   When the answer was no, I would put it in a box for a future trip at the thrift store.    Believe it or not so far we made about three trips to the second hand store and my in-laws grabbed a few boxes of books as well.   

One of the few tips mentioned in this book was concerning vases.   Seriously, have you checked in your cupboards lately how made vases do you have?    I went right away to double-checked the number of vases I had after reading this and discover that there were too many of them.   I reduced the number quite a bit but I still feel as though there are some I could separate myself with.    I suspect that before we pack this section, more will go toward the donation box.

I also did the same with some items I haven’t touched since we moved in this house about ten years ago.  Out the Corning products that just keep collecting dust.   Out the books that took too much place.   VHS have left the house some number of years ago but we still have the occasional one…   I plan to watch these and get rid of them as soon as possible.  By the time we settle in our new home – far from family – the number of things in our kitchen will be greatly reduced.   As I am writing this, I know that my husband will probably push to get rid of the pie plates.  But I am planning to make “tourtières” this coming Christmas and having these would be nice.   I believe we came a long way from what we had before though I am sure we could do another run at it while we unpack.    I will keep this book handy for reference in the future.   I am kind of a packrat and I definitively need guidance to help me not to accumulate too much!

This book is packed with fabulous suggestions on how to get rid of things you keep and don’t really use.

To discover where you can purchase this book, simply go to http://www.goodriddance.ca/book_2010.html.

Disclaimer: Book has been provided for the purpose of a review. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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