Monday, July 30, 2012

O.O.T.W. Dolls

Recently I have been approached with an opportunity of reviewing a new line of dolls.   I knew this wasn’t a good time because of our move but I agreed to review one of them if they could guarantee the delivery by a certain date.   

When I got the Out Of This World Doll that I was assigned to review I couldn’t help but smile.   We received Techno!

Techno_InPackageTechno was born with a dance party in her head.  Sometimes she get so mesmerized by the music that she can actually see it!   Planning parties to show off her fresh mixes is what she do best – in fact, she can spin better than anyone in the while girlaxy.   Everywhere she goes, dizzying lights and an ultra-fun time are sure to follow.  

Some of you might not know this but a few years back, my husband and I – with a team of wonderful people – were planting a church in the downtown core based on electronic music and techno.    We also held what we called Christian raves.    Jasmine, our daughter, was born during that time and learned to crawl and then walk at the sounds of techno music.


To this day, our girl loves to dance and spin around when she hears music.

So you can understand why I was smiling when I saw Techno in the package I received…  

But wait….  you must be wondering what are the Out Of This World girls?  Also known as O.O.T.W. Girls the dolls are supposed to encourage girls to use their imagination and celebrate their own uniqueness.   The line possess low-tech electronic functions that are unique to each doll.  TechnoThis new line of dolls is geared for girls age 4 to 12.

At first sight, the doll looked sturdy to be handled by little hands.    Knowing that Techno is supposed to move at the sound of the music, I was looking for the switch to make her go around.    Unfortunately, there wasn’t one but I did found a small button at the centre of the doll (See on the image) which could be press.    Instantly, music and sparkles will go in her head and the doll will vibrate to turn on the table.   However, as soon as you let go the button, the doll stops…  What?  That’s it?  A one second twist?  There gotta be something more.   But no…. the more I searched the less I could find.   That was it.   Very disappointing.   I wish that the music/dancing would go on for a good 10-15 seconds at least.   

As much as I like the design, the interactive part of this doll leave me wanting more of it…     So because of this feature that doesn’t seem to stay on for a long time, I can’t recommend this doll to my readers.  

On another note, I think that most of the girls are fabulous (though a bit more work is needed for the electronic functionality) but one of them put some emphasis on seeing the future and personally I wouldn’t want my girl to own such a doll as we do not believe in future telling.   On the other hand, Gigi is another cute girl who loves to laugh!   

Finally, you will also find a QR code on each package which will allow your child to connect with the characters using an electronic device.  I personally don’t think it is wise to let your kids learn to use QR Codes at a young age.   The kids these days are inundated with advertising and don’t need more of it in their lives.    

The initial launch includes five and two pets.   Note that the line will also expand later this year with play sets as well as other girls.

This new line of dolls (O.O.T.W.) is produced by Blip Toys and will be available at retailers like Target, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us as well as The O.O.T.W. girls will be available for the price of 9.99$.i

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Disclaimer: Thanks to Blip Toys for sending me the above mentioned products for review purposes . I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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