Monday, February 11, 2013

Announcing upcoming reviews

I have to admit that 2013 will be a different year.    I have learned at the end of 2012 that I was accepted as a member of the Mosaic Reviews and will be part of a great group of people who will review a variety of products – not only homeschool ones.   35527_183322448458910_529576174_n

Since January, we are slowly getting the gears going in order to review fabulous items in the months to come.   Already I have gotten confirmation for some fabulous products;

  • A practice review for the whole group is planned for the end of February.   We had to pick a blog planner that we are currently using and then share our thoughts about it.  
  • Then on March 18th I will post a review on Family Mint which is a complete step-by-step program for learning money management.  
  • On March 22nd, I will post a review for Saving Memories Forever.     This app will allow you to preserve family stories via audio recording.   I see lots of possibilities with this app and look forward on how it can help us to develop the storytelling aspect of our memories.
  • Finally, today I have received confirmation that I will be reviewing the new Apologia homeschool planners by Debra Bell.   I am looking forward to these to review has I have been using the homeschool planner of a "competitor” for the past three years.   I am quite interested in this opportunity and delighted to know that these will arrived before the homeschool conference in our city in April.   This review will be posted on April 5th.

The other factor that 2013 will be different is that I have learned not too long ago that another publisher has decided to stop sending internationally due to an hike in postal prices.  I am quite sadden by this decision as I had a wonderful relationship with Tyndale.   To date, I think this is the fourth or fifth publisher making such a decision in the past two years.   However, I am planning to stay close with DK Canada and Hasbro Canada which have been fabulous partners in the past three years.     I have also recently contacted other companies producing games and have received three positive answers so far to review Marvel Heroic RPG, two games from Rio Grande Games as well as Pandemic from Z-Man Games.

isaSo I trust that new opportunities will come to me as well as hope that 2013 will be a great year for us.   Already I am having fun reviewing fabulous products and plan to do so for the rest of the year.

So stay tune for more great products coming your way.


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