Friday, February 22, 2013

Blog Planner from Confessions of a Homeschooler



As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I am now part of a group of bloggers who will review a variety of products for Mosaic Reviews. We comes from various background and our families are all different but we all are eager to explore the opportunities that will come to us in this adventures.

As a first review, we were all asked to proceed with a test review before everything starts officially.   And the best part was that we had a choice in this particular review…  The gals leading us had found ten different Blog planners to help us to get organized.   They are all free as well so you could discover something that will be very helpful for you if you read our reviews.  Each and every single one of us had the possibility to choose which planner we would review.  This possibility made it very interesting and I slowly proceeded to check out the ten different planners suggested by our leaders.

Almost immediately  one of the planner caught my eye but I wanted to check all of them.   As much as each and every single on of the planners are interesting, I have selected the one found at Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Actually, you can find get two different planners on the website – Calendar style layout or the Lined Format Post Planner.    The Calendar Style Layout was interesting but my heart went toward the Lined Format Post Planner.  I love have some space to write down so it made sense to me to use the lined one.  See the two different versions below.


So as soon as I downloaded it, I printed it and started to use it.   That day, I immediately wrote the review I made as well as the giveaway to be held later in February. 


What I particularly like about this planner is it’s simplicity and the fact that I don’t have to print over 100 pages.    It goes right to the point and simple to use.   I can see my whole month in one quick look as I check the posts I have made.  It does contains all that a blogger reviewer needs to do her job.   I can mark down which social media received the post, if the review was posted, if there is a giveaway and if a winner was chosen.

My only major disappointment is the fact that I would love to have more than one line per day.  But then again it would also mean that I wouldn’t have a full month under my eyes.   So I have to write small when I do multiple posts in a day. 

I must admit it will take some getting used to write down my post on this blog planner.   Why you wonder?   Well I am used to organizing my reviews and post with Word and Outlook believe it or not.  I have set up a specific outlook calendar for the reviews and I make sure I include the giveaways there as well.  Then automatically I get a reminder about it when I check my emails.   The other thing is that posting on social media is automatic for me.   It goes with the job.  I also email my clients as soon as the post is on (which I can’t record in the planner). 

But as a blogger part of a team, I think this blog planner will be very handy as I can jot down when a specific review is due.  Already I have included the three post for March and April that I know of.   And with a quick scan I can realize if I am on time or late to review it.    MY journey with Mosaic Reviews will be organized and I hope to be able to track my post more efficiently with this blog planner.   I am keeping it close to my laptop and update it as often as I can.   There are days when I forget to write a post but then when I think of it again, I quickly write it. 

I suspect that this planner will give me a better understanding of the reviews I do in a year and visualize which months are more busy than other.

Already I have discovered an interesting tool to use in my journey as a blogger reviewer with the blog planner I have in my hands.  


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  1. Great review, especially about the challenges of using paper vs. digital planning. I struggle with that too. :)