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Lego Brickmaster Ninjago


Lego Brickmaster Ninjago- Master of Spinjitzu
Available at DK CANADA

About the product

Build the coolest vehicles, buildings, and LEGO(r)Ninjago structures you can imagine! Enter the world of Ninjago, the LEGO Group's exciting new line of ninja themed structures and minifigures, featuring an entire world of ninja heroes, villains, and storylines. This Brickmaster kit lets young ninjas build and play to their heart's content. 

My Thoughts

For some reasons I only have one child highly interested in the Lego Ninjago.   I guess he loves Ninja things and find this series interesting.   Every time we go to Wal-Mart, he stares at the HUGE Ninjago kit in the clearance section.  As much as I would like to purchase it for him the price is still out of my range…  So I am very happy to received the Lego Brickmaster Ninjago from DK Canada to review.   My second son, Dominic, was delighted to get it on his birthday last week!

First of all in all Lego Brickmasters kit you will receive bricks as well as two mini figures.  In this particular kit, you will find 140 bricks as well as Kai the Ninja of Fire and Frakjaw a soldier of the Skeleton Army.  The book contains instructions on how to build specific scenes where there two characters can fight.  IMG_6957

In this particular kit, your child will develop scenes like the Sword of Fire, the Skeleton Mission, the Spinjitzu Shrine, the Ninja Attack, and the Battle for Ninjago.   You will find clear and detailed instructions to build a doom buggy, a catapult of flames, a red ninja shrine, a skull cave, a skeleton tank, a shrine of weapons, a spinning fireballs, a fire rider, a rock rack, a shrine of spinjitzu, a cart of bones, a sacred fireplace, a shrine of sacred fire, a camouflage, and a monster machine.   To be honest the monster machine is probably the coolest one I find.  But knowing my child I knew that he would quickly dig into the book and build the various item rapidly.   Within a day he had discovered all the book and was even building his own creations.

time-to-play-button_185x185[3]Needless to say, my kids have a blast with the Lego Brickmasters. Other Brickmasters kits include Lego Friends, Ninjago - Fight the Power of the Snakes, Pirates, Star Wars, Castle, Lego City, and Atlantis.    Each of them are unique and some even contains mini figurines that you won’t be able to find somewhere else. In April, another Brickmaster based on the Chima Lego will come out.

There a bunch of other ideas on how to entertain your kids on March Break on the DK Canada site. Check out their Time to Play Boutique to discover other fun books your kids might like.

The Lego Brickmaster Ninjago is available at your favourite bookstore, even on and


Disclaimer: Thanks to DK Canada for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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