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Made in Heaven

madeinheaven_thumb3This month as part of the Moms of Master Books review team, I am presenting you a book that I have reviewed last year titled Made in Heaven by Ray Comfort and Jeffrey Seto.373212_235636363124693_379226038_n

This magnificient book will open up your eyes on God’s creation and how we can applied how things work in nature in our lives.   For example take a bird feather and examine it for a minute.   Birds are a perfect example on how God was creative when He made them.   All sort of shapes, sizes and colors are a delight to see during the warmer seasons in Canada.   They sang beautifully, fly from trees to trees, build houses for themselves and the eggs differs from one another too.   But what attract our eyes most often is their feathers and the brilliant colors they display.  

As we all know, we couldn’t see colors if there wasn’t any light.  Have you ever took a prism and shine it in the sunlight? What happened?  A marvelous rainbow splashed the wall of the room you were in.   In this book, your learning about colors goes a notch higher as you learn that color characteristic is determined by its wavelength.   Each color has a wavelength – blue for example has a wavelength of 475 nanometer.   So Blue Jays (which stays year-round in Ontario) obtain the colors of their feather from spherical air pockets trapped in the barbs.  The size of the air trapped is apparently tuned to the wavelength of a set color.

Scientists were able to replicate this phenomenon in order to improve laser efficiency.   I won’t go on on how it was done because I want to pick your curiosity and encourage you to get the book to discover how it was done.  

The book is packed with things like this.  You will learn more about the following:

  • Swim like a fish – copying the shark scales
  • Body armor of the future – strength of fish scales
  • Stronger than Kevlar – spider web strong
  • Pinecone fashion
  • Cleaning like a lotus leaf
  • Robosquid and jet propulsion
  • Mantis shrimp eye and entertainment technology
  • Butterflies and counterfeit currency
  • Human eye – camera lens
  • Computer virus software and human immune system
  • Human Brain and computer chips
  • Bird feathers and anti-lasers
  • Bombardier beetle
  • Mosquitoes and painless needles
  • Listening like a fly
  • Self-healing materials
  • Mussels and their sticking power
  • Wasp nest and papermaking
  • Velcro
  • Cat eyes saving lives
  • Gecko feet
  • Why fish are faster
  • Fins for fans
  • Termites and air-conditioned buildings
  • Broken bones, healing and Eiffel Tower
  • Wipers and eyes
  • Kingfishers break sonic book for trains
  • Worms at the center of tunnel safety
  • Moth’s eye and solar cells
  • Leaf and power supplies
  • Sunflowers and catching rays

In all, you will go through 32 examples on how nature can help scientists in making our lives easier.   This book is perfect to read on your own or to use as part of your high school curriculum for older levels.   It ties information from technology and engineering for your kids who like that sort of thing.   It also opens up your eyes on God genius creativity and marvel on how He thought of everything.    I really like this book and highly recommend it to everyone!

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