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The Respect Dare

_225_350_Book_733_coverThe Respect Dare – 40 Days to a Deeper Connection with God and Your Husband
Written by Nina Roesner
Published at Thomas Nelson

About the book

“A long and happy marriage.” It sounds like the end of a fairy tale—an illusion that modern times have exposed.

And it is, if marriage depends on a constant stream of romantic emotion, or even on copious amounts of time or money. Thank the Lord, none of those are necessary. Two thousand years ago, Paul gave women the key to a successful marriage, and it can be summed up in two words: unconditional respect. It’s not popular. It doesn’t sound fair. It can be hard to imagine.

But it works.

Nina Roesner has led countless women through this practical and life-changing journey, and in The Respect Dare she offers you the hope that so many others have found. Day by day, true stories and thought-provoking questions will help you apply biblical wisdom to the most important relationship in your life.

Give it forty days. Experience the intimacy God intended and discover what he can do in your heart and in your marriage when you choose to show respect his way.

My Thoughts

My husband and I attended a Love & Respect conference in our town last year.   We enjoyed it quite a lot and would recommend it to any couple we know.   The lessons to learn are quite simple – husbands should love their wife and wives should respect their husband.   Knowing how hard it is to respect on a daily basis, I was excited to discover the book The Respect Dare while checking the titles available for review on the Thomas Nelson blogger program.   

This little book will challenge you as a woman and wife to develop a respectful attitude toward your husband.   Each dare opens up on a specific scripture and cover a specific theme.   A little introduction will put you in perspective of the theme and you can also read the testimony of women who have been part of Daughter of Sarah.  Then you will have the reflection time with straightforward questions that will stir you to think about your own life and how you react to similar situations.     Once you have done the reflection time, the author will dare you to do something for your husband. 

40 Days to develop a respectful attitude for your husband.   After all it takes 30 days to have a good habit a permanent fixture in our lives.   So having 10 more days is a blessing in disguise.    I have some specific days that have touched me intimately.  For example, on day 2 it was an introspection on my childhood.   This one made me realize that ultimately I didn’t have a good example of marriage in my life – not from my parents nor my grand-parents.    I embarked marriage with experiences, beliefs and unconscious behaviors that could have broke it.  But from early in our relationship we have decided to attend marriage conferences as often as we could.   When we were engaged we went to a Family Life Conference and since our wedding we went two more times.   We take advantage of conferences coming in town as often as we can.    This year we will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary.   It has been a journey that I do not regret.   I just wish I would have met my husband earlier in life.

I also learned that it was important for me not to gossip or put down my husband early in life.   While participating into a growth group at my church once, it was asked that all participants write something positive to all other participants.  I recently stumbled on my page and read it.  Someone has said she really liked how I spoke of my husband and lift him up.    It was a good reminder to also do that wherever I am.  You never know who can noticed…

I realized not every women will be thrilled by some of the dares contained in this book.  But to help your marriage – no matter at what place it is right now – I think this book could challenge you to bring spark back in your married life.   You will be surprise by how a guy can change when you start respecting him on a regular basis.

I strongly believe that all women should take the Respect Dare and daily take up the challenge of respecting their husband.

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Disclaimer: Thanks to Thomas Nelson for sending me the above mentioned product in the e-pub edition for review purposes . I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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