Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spanish for You! Estaciones

imageSpanish for You! Estaciones

As a member of the Mosaic Review Team I was asked to choose one of the two options offered from Spanish for You! to review.  I decided to pick Estaciones which I have received as an online product that I was able to download easily.35527_183322448458910_529576174_n

Spanish for You! is a curriculum that I would consider multi-sensory learning.   It has been written with grades 3 through 8 in mind and can be used either in classes or homeschool.    Each course will contain a text, lesson guide, worksheets, audio files as well as suggestions for games and activities.

The guidebooks can be printed according to the grade your child is in.   Three different guidebooks are available in your package Level 3-4, Level 5-6 and Level 7-8.     The lessons can easily be covered through a regular school year.

I particularly like the fact that the students can work on their own pace and use the worksheets and audio files in order to get the proper pronunciation, the common words and phrases as well as other information necessary for them to learn the lessons. 

Depending of the level your child will be he/she can build up it’s comprehension of the language by revising the previous lessons and by testing their knowledge with the language.   Each week will encourage your child to learn, practice and review the lessons on a four day basis.  If necessary, you could use the fifth day as a review.   The exercises will be more challenging is the child is at an older grade.

I think the curriculum is covering pretty much every language issues from basic vocabulary, verb conjugations as well as grammatical lessons.    

Spanish as always been a language I wish my kids to learn but it’s always hard to find something that will teach by building up the learning.   I think this product is offering an interesting way of learning while having fun at the same time.   You could technically start with any themed packages offered by Spanish for You! and slowly expand your vocabulary as you purchase other ones.   I would assume that each package would review lessons from other ones particularly when it comes to the verbs and grammar.

What I also like about this curriculum is the fact that a child currently in grade 4 could go through the package and pursue it when in grade 6 and then in grade 8 in order to build up his/her learning of the language.   I would alternate Estaciones with Fiestas in order to cover more vocabulary as well.   One year you do Estaciones and one year Fiestas before going back to a deeper level of Estaciones and so on.    Gotta love flexibility when you are homeschooling!

In all Spanish for You! allows you and your student to learn to speak, read, and write Spanish through fun themes.   This program can be used by students who don’t know Spanish yet and by student who are already comfortable with the language.

My only disappointment is that I had to take the initiative to print out the lesson myself because I receive the pdf format of the documents.    But apart from that I find the curriculum quite complete and interesting.

You can obtain free mini lessons and worksheets if you visit Spanish for You!

Other packages are available on their website – Fiestas and Viajes.   Spanish for You! Estaciones is available for purchase directly from their website at for the price of 64.95$ for the three levels or 39.95$ for each levels separately.  


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