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Boy and Girl Books of Adventures

Boy’s Book of Adventure & Girl’s Book of Adventure
Published at Barron’s Educational Series

About the books

barronseduc_2264_2559621Boy’s Book of Adventure – the little guidebook for smart and resourceful boys

Here’s an exciting book packed with facts about nature, ideas for outdoor activities, and fun-to-do crafts projects that will keep boys interested and busy all year around. It’s filled with color illustrations and diagrams that teach kids—

  • How to recognize different kinds of insects and observe their activities
  • How to identify different kinds of rocks
  • How to read a topographic map
  • How to construct a camper’s backpack
  • How to tie sailors’ knots
  • How to build a periscope . . . and much more
Camping advice and instruction includes ways to protect against the weather, first-aid for injuries, advice on using a compass, tips for studying the night sky, identifying birds, and much more. The book’s wide array of topics and sturdy construction makes it an ideal outdoor companion for hiking and camping excursions. An elastic band bound into the back cover can be stretched over pages and used as a place marker. Color illustrations on every page.

Girl’s Book of Adventure – The Little Guidebook for smart and resourceful girlsbarronseduc_2264_2793609

Girls who take pleasure in crafts activities, and who enjoy the outdoors and nature will love this activity book. It’s packed with color illustrations, things to make and do, and ideas for outdoor activities. Instructions, tips, and information on some of the book’s many topics include—

  • How to identify seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs
  • How to take professional-looking photos and create good-looking photo albums
  • How to make paper jewelry
  • How to make herbal teas and delicious fruit desserts
  • How to dress and pack for hiking and camping activities
  • How to construct imaginative musical instruments
  • How to weave containers and baskets
Here too are instructions for outdoor games, ideas for hiking trips and nature watching, first-aid instruction, and more—a total of 60 themes that are of special interest to girls. This book’s sturdy construction makes it ideal for taking along on outdoor activities. An elastic band bound into the back cover can be stretched over book pages for use as a place marker. Color illustrations on every page.

My Thoughts

As the final school days are approaching I know that some parents will wonder how they can entertain their kids during the summer months.   For us, I think we will do a bit of science intertwined with camp/VBS/family reunion and so on.   But I recently received two marvelous books that could help many parents out there to entertain their kids during the months of June/July/August.   These two books are packed with fun activities and cool facts from cover to cover.   The books are The Boy’s Book of Adventure and The Girl’s Book of Adventure.

First let’s take a look at the one dedicated for boys.   In this little gem of a book, your child will be able to discover plenty of adventurous ideas for outdoors as well as fun-to-do crafts projects.   Essentially, this is an outdoor activities book.  With all the publicity emphasis the fact that kids are not spending enough time outside, it’s nice to discover a book that encourages the kids to explore the outdoors.  Here’s what you will find in the table of contents:  little insects in the grass, bike safety, secret codes, make your own wallet, morse code, awalé, protect yourself from the sun, wild geometry, trail signs, don’t lose north, rescue techniques, shells, cool drinks, outdoor traveler’s toolbox, most beautiful rocks, adventurer’s shelter, poisonous snakes, make a periscope, music of the sea, first aid, taking care of plants without wasting water, reading a map, karate sudoku, native American way, pond in your backyard, make a water mill, music of the world, snail race, what will the weather be like tomorrow, your head in the stars, races on the water, make an herbarium, mystery of cherries, adventurer’s pouch, how to catch a fish, bird-watching, sailors’ knots, animal tracks, garden, send news, martian, and removing salt from seawater.   *deep breath*  

As you can see, there is a ton of interesting subjects to explore during the summer time.   Some of them remind me of things I have done while being in the girl guides.   Each subject has colorful illustrations and fun facts.  I am very impressed with the project of hunting for bugs during the night!


Now let’s explore the book that is specifically for girls.   This one is packed with activities and fun-to-do projects.  A little bit different that the boy one, this book will encourage your girl to explore things that she never did before.  Here’s what you will find in the table of contents: cooking with honey, make a swing, sailor’s knots, beauty tips, discover Yoté, paper jewelry, photos like the pros, careful: poison, well-protected fruits, hiker’s toolbox, flowers on your plate, precious photos, birthday piñata, herbal and wellness teas, predicting the weather, discover Furoshiki, candles all year long, organic calendar, Japanese-style breakfast, when the winds blows, homemade potpourri, woven pot, secret messages, games you can make, summer sarong, recycle yogurt containers, seasonal drinks, crazy game: Monkey Quarters, real magician, identifying wild flowers, celebrating music, fairy headpiece, hedgehog superstars, flower for decoration, beach comets, party projects, scent of times past, your jewelry bowl, dream catcher, my notes – my sketches.

Plenty of things to do with your girl don’t you think?   Again, this book is well designed and contains fabulous illustrations.   I am very impressed with some of the activities and I will make a flower for decorations for my daughter’s hair.   I am certain that she will ask me to make one for her special doll, Léonie as well. 

image image

Did I mentioned that both books contains more than 50 stickers?   No?  Well here you go.  More fun for your child because stickers are included.  But seriously, I think the books can be used by siblings to encourage working together.   My sweet daughter is a bit young to do it herself so I am thinking of asking her big brothers to do some of the activities with her.   And when the boys explore something I don’t see why their sister can’t join them.   Both books contains things I have done while in the girl guides…  and it is interesting that they don’t repeat themselves on the activities.  In a way they kind of complete themselves… though some activities in the girl book wouldn’t be fun for a boy and vice versa when it comes for the boy book for a girl.  But I can see my daughter having fun catching bugs in the night and the boys enjoying a swing in a tree (if only we had a big enough tree that is… and then again there might be argument on whose turn it is to swing – make it would be better to have four?).

Both books are sturdy and can be carried for a trip or camp.   I really think that the kids – boys or girls – will enjoy discovering the activities included in these books.  They would make a great surprise book to give at the end of the school year and could help your kids to discover new fun things to do.

The Boy’s Book of Adventure and The Girl’s Book of Adventure are both available at your favourite bookstore, even and



Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book for review purposes from Barron’s. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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