Thursday, June 13, 2013

Being quiet….

I will admit that I have been a bit quiet in the pass couple of weeks.   So much is happening that I barely have time to spend on the computer to do reviews.   As I am writing this, I am taking a little break from packing my office (i.e. room #4) in order to be able to put some laminate flooring on it next week.    And for an homeschooler/blogger it means emptying the bookshelves and pack everything so we can move the furniture.

This week – we did two rooms (out of four!).  My sweet daughter Jasmine was the first room we did then the boys’ room followed the next day.  Let me tell you that after two days of doing floors my oldest son was a bit tired.   So taking a break is definitively a good idea.   Once my office is done, we plan to move things around from the school room into the boys room and this former office.   You see, we plan to let my oldest son take residence in the office room and my office will go down in the school room.  This mean lots of moving furniture around and figuring out where to put what – like for example to two big armoires in the school room will more than likely go upstairs in two different rooms.

To be honest I am glad to see the carpet go.   It’s a long job but so rewarding…  Laminate floors change the look.

Jasmine’s room before the floor.


My 2nd son, Dominic removing the wood pieces that kept the carpet on the floor.


Monday morning…. it has started.


Dominic painted the quarter-rounds in the front yard.


The room advancing well…


Jasmine helping a bit at the end.


And the boys room getting done.


Other changes that I am planning to do in the weeks to come will be to merge our homeschool blog to the Canadianladybug Reviews! blog in order to personalize it a bit more.     This is just a matter to take a few minutes to merge the two blog together.   

A new year is coming… and I hope to be able to plan our school year as well during the summer month.  We are still homeschooling and look forward for new challenges to come.

Having said that… I should get back to packing.  

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