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Jesus, the One and Only

9781433678837_cvr_webJesus, the One and Only
Written by Beth Moore
Published at B&H Publishing Group

About the book

In Jesus, the One and Only, best-selling author and Bible teacher Beth Moore invites you to know Christ personally. Watch and listen as He breaks up a funeral by raising the dead, confronts conniving religious leaders of His day, teaches on a Galilean hillside, or walks on the waves and calms the storm.
Like a ragtag band of followers two thousand years ago, you will never be the same again after such an up close and personal encounter.

“He is Jesus, the One and Only, transcendent over all else,” writes Moore. “To know Him is to love Him. To love Him is to long for Him. To long for Him is to finally reach soul hands into the One true thing we need never get enough of . . . Jesus Christ. He’s all you need.”

Available for the first time in trade paper, this new edition also features an excerpt from Moore’s Jesus, the One and Only Bible study.

Who is Beth Moore?

Beth Moore is a writer and teacher of best-selling books and Bible studies whose public speaking engagements carry her all over the United States. A dedicated wife and mother of two adult daughters, Moore lives in Houston, Texas, where she is president and founder of Living Proof Ministries.

My Thoughts

I am profoundly  touched by this book and I have decided to take it one chapter at a time because there are so much to glean from it.   Once again Beth Moore has written a priceless book as it will allow you to dig deeper in your Bible and discover a new facets of Jesus and God’s plan.  The book mainly concentrates on the book of Luke but will bring forth Scriptures from throughout the Bible depending of what is covered in the chapter you read.

I have decided to read this book and jolt down information in my Bible as I discover Jesus and develop a deeper relationship with him while I read this book.  Since last year, I am discovering God as my Father and alongside with this learning I also have to learn to relate to Christ as my brother.  You see I never had a sibling while growing up and though my father was present physically, I never quite relate to him on other levels.   I am on a journey of discovery and learning to trust Him.   This book arrived at a great moment in my grow as a Christian as I also needed to learn more about Jesus himself.   As I said the reading of this book is taking some time because I want to take as much as I can in my heart.    I know from experience in the past that I can expect Beth Moore to present me a new side of Christ that I didn’t expect. 

I consider this book as a devotional as well since I am reading, digging in my Bible and pondering on what I have read as I advance in it.  The book is divided into ten parts, each containing 5 or 6 chapters.   Each part will highlight a particular time during the life of Christ and his work on Earth.  

  • Part 1 – The Word Made Flesh
  • Part 2 – The Son of God
  • Part 3 – The Way and the Life
  • Part 4 – The Esteem of Man
  • Part 5 - The Christ of God
  • Part 6 – The Necessity
  • Part 7 – The Infinite Treasure
  • Part 8 – The Answer
  • Part 9 – The Lamb of God
  • Part 10 – The Risen Hope

This book is simply fabulous if you are looking into learning more about Jesus and deepening your knowledge on him.   It will challenge you and encourage you at the same time.   I find that it speaks to me on levels I wasn’t expecting when I first received it.  It’s interesting to discover Christ on a whole different level than what I am used to.   This book definitively opens up my eyes on who Jesus is for me and allow me to build up my relationship with Him – not only as my Saviour but also as my brother.

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Disclaimer: Thanks to B&H Books for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes . I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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