Thursday, July 4, 2013


Recently I was approached with a possibility in writing for Grammarly.    Grammarly is an automated proofreader and a personal grammar coach.   Apparently it can find and correct over 250 types of grammatical mistakes, improve your word choice in your text and allow you to avoid plagiarism.  

After checking the site I discovered that it is trusted by over 3 millions people and hundreds of universities worldwide.

My curiosity was picked and I wanted to explore more of this website which offers something out-of-the-ordinary for writers everywhere.  Once I had my trial account set up, I was set to check out the site in a more active way.   Grammarly  will check over 250 points of grammar in a timely manner in order to allow you to have a new set of eyes to perfect your writing.

Turns out that I had a text that has been revised quite a bit in the past couple of months and I figure I could use Grammarly to see how many more issues there could be with it.    The site is quite easy to use.   Simply paste your text or upload it before clicking on the “Start Review”.


I pasted the text in the analyzer and click the button in order to start the process of checking the grammar.   I quickly received a report that I could print indicating the issues found in my text.As you can see my text still had about 132 issues.  Obviously, there is still some work to do on this document…   And knowing that Grammarly can verify it quickly and suggest modifications to be made makes this service very interesting.


Once you have your report, you have the possibility to go through the suggestions one at a time in order to change your text.   Personally, I prefer printing the report so I can sit down and read it before deciding if I need to make a change or not.   English is not my first language but I have made great improvements through the years.  However, having a site like Grammarly will allow me to be more self-confident when it comes to writing adequately – especially when it comes to a special project that my husband and I are working on…

Grammarly will also permit you to enhance your sentences by offering suggestions to improve your text, make sure that the more commonly confused words are written properly and checking for plagiarism against a database of over eight billion web pages.  Grammarly is very effective as it can found mistakes that can go unnoticed by popular word processors and other grammar checker programs on the market.  

The best part of Grammarly is that you can use it anywhere you are since it is a web-based solution to your proofreading.    It could be useful for anyone in your family whether for a school report, a novel you are writing, your resume or just your emails.    The site is great for emails, business proposals, social media updates and anything that you might be writing at this point in your life.    Grammarly will help you anytime you need it on a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription plans.  Expect to pay approximately 29.95$ per month on a monthly basis, 59.95$ for a quarter or 139.95$ for an annual subscription.  (at time of posting!)   You can also download a plug-in for Microsoft Office if you are interested in incorporating Grammarly in your Office products.

Also available is an enterprise subscrition for bulk users in K-12, higher education, enterprises, and government.   However, I have not find any special subscription prices offered for homeschoolers and I think this should be considered in order to encourage homeschoolers to use the site.  As we know homeschoolers have to purchase all their homeschool curriculum for their kids and at the end of the day it can become expensive.   Consequently, paying for sites like Grammarly is most often not even considered due to a lack of funds.   I think that Grammarly would benefit in considering offering a special price for homeschoolers.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Grammarly for setting me up with a free premium trial account for review purposes . I was compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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