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The Emerging Entrepreneur

16-tiny-228x228The Emerging Entrepreneur
Written by Leanne Seel, CPA, CA

A fellow homeschooler and friend of mine recently published a great tool for young people to encourage them to launch a part-time business in Canada.   She asked if I would be willing to review the curriculum she has written and I said yes.   Unbeknown to me, I didn’t know that our family will renovate our home and unfortunately it the review had to be put aside for a while.   But now that the renovations are done – well almost done but the biggest part of it is done – I find myself having more time to discover The Emerging Entrepreneur.

This curriculum will help your child to learn how to start and run a part-time business in Canada (sorry for my American friends!).    This product contains three manuals:  the E-course, the e-workbook My Business and the e-workbook Case Studies.

The e-course will guide and inform your student on how to setup and start a business.   In total there are eight modules included in this book:

  • The five W’s – getting started
  • Does the idea make cents? – logistics
  • Putting the cents together – financial viability
  • Marketing – how to promote your business
  • Time management – how to be able to meet deadlines and such
  • Choose your own sales tax adventure – here Leanne is explaining everything from provincial taxes to the federal one as well.  
  • Bean counting and income taxes – keeping records and income taxes
  • Evaluation process

The My Business e-workbook contains worksheets and information to encourage your child to develop his idea of a part-time business while the Case Studies e-workbook will provide examples that will reinforce the learning and questions to help the understanding take place in the brain.

Knowing Leanne and her personal background, I expected that the curriculum would be thorough and I am quite pleased with what I have seen in it.   We, ourselves, have a home business that my husband started more than 20 years ago.    This curriculum is very useful in setting up and learning to ropes of starting a business in Canada.   I’m sure my husband would have loved having something like this in his hands when he started our home business back in the days.

Leanne takes the time to explain in clear language and easy terms how to setup a home business.  She guides you from A to Z in highlighting all the steps necessary to start well in life.   At the end of each module, you will also have some actions steps in order to allow the student in deepening the understanding and learning more about the lesson covered in the module. I, myself, have discovered some tips and tricks I wouldn’t have known.   The fact that the author is a CPA and CA gives a piece of mind to a parent who wants to encourage their kids to develop their own business.   She literally laid out everything you need to know to be successful in your venture.    Even though my kids can talk to their dad and throw ideas to him, and knowing that they can ask questions about starting a business anytime to him as well, I find it essential for them to go through a curriculum like this one in order to determine exactly what needs to be done as they plan their business.    At the end of the e-course, the author also listed numerous links for each modules and provides guidance on how to file taxes at the end of the year. 

I am delighted to have this curriculum and plan to include it in our schedule when my kids will be in grade 8 or 9.   Though this curriculum has been written with kids as young as 9-10 years old, I strongly recommend that it’s considered for kids ages 14 and up.  If your child is interested in going through this curriculum on how to launch a home business and he/she is about 9-13 years old then be aware that some modules will require your guidance.  

The Emerging Entrepreneur bundle is available for purchase for the price of 37.98$ directly from Leanne’s website Sensible Money Solutions.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Leanne Seel from Sensible Money Solutions for sending me the featured product for review purpose. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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