Friday, July 19, 2013

Update: Service as it should be.

I learned yesterday that my lenses had arrived and that the manager of Loblaws Optical on Baseline would cut them in the afternoon.

Since three of my kids were attending VBS at a church not far from there this week, I decided to go pick them up after dropping them off in the morning.   My oldest is at camp this week so I had a few hours to myself.

As I mentioned before, I had gone the previous week to select a frame for the lenses he was going to replace.

Here’s my choice.


My husband had taken a picture of me with them that evening.   Honestly, we had selected four different frames and we took all the pictures we needed to make a decision.  The frame I selected was the last one I had chosen from the lot.  


So this morning I went in and within 10 minutes I was done.    I paid the frame only and am quite impressed with the service he has given me.  

My kids will have an eye checkup in the fall…. last time we went, our eye doctor said that next time our oldest might need glasses.   Our second son wears a pair of glasses because of one eye deviating slightly.    If any of them needs a pair of glasses, you can be certain that I will go to Loblaws Optical.   I also learned that apparently the Loblaws in Barrhaven will have an optical soon.   

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