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Back to School with DK Canada – Part 1: Pocket Genius

back-to-school-boutique-button-185x185To celebrate the Back to School event in our lives, DK Canada is having a special limited time offer (30% off) on selected titles in their Back to School Boutique.  Consequently, to celebrate the Back to School time of the year, I will present you some of the titles found in the DK Canada Boutique in the week to come. 

To start today, I will be presenting four new titles that is part of the Pocket Genius series that they have available in stores.   In the past, I was able to review some the titles in this series: Ancient Egypt, Animals, Bugs, Dinosaurs, Earth, Sharks, Space, Rocks and Minerals.   Today, I want to present you the books on Horses, Human Body, Mammals and Science.


I find the Pocket Genius books to be perfect for the grab-and-go situation.   For example, you know you will have to drive long distance with the kids in the car.   Who likes a child who complains while driving for an extended period of time.  I remember when I was about seven years old that my mom had packed a special basket for me as we drove to Florida.   When we drove back home, the things in the basket were changed in order to entertain me.    These books are perfect for this kind of situation because they are small, don’t take a lot of space and contains educational information in them.   They can be easily slip into a backpacks and will appeal even kids in middle school.   These book contain facts and information on specific subjects that could be interesting for kids.


This specific title features more than 125 individual breeds of horses, ponies and their cousins — zebras, mules and donkeys.   It will present the horse in details base don the color, markings, the horse family and the type of horse.   It will also present ponies, light horses, heavy horses as well as other information like the anatomy and the behavior of horses at work and at play. Stunning images will illustrate what the book is presenting.   At the end of the book, you will be able to read fun facts about horses.  If you have a child who likes horses a lot, this book is definitively something you would want him/her to read on long trips.

HUMAN BODY9781465408822H

Are you planning to study the human body with your kids this year?  There are a multitude of curriculum out there to touch this subject but what about supplement books?  Well DK Canada has numerous titles that I had the opportunity to review on Human Body and their latest book on the subject is found in the convenient size of the Pocket Genius series.   This specific title will present the human body starting from the cell form to all the body parts that compose our body.   It will cover all the various systems in our body as well as specific information like how the fractures heal, how muscles work, what’s in blood, fighting disease, and so on.   Be aware that there is a specific section on reproduction and growth that illustrates the fertilization and growth of a baby.   I am mentioning it because some people don’t like to expose young children to this until a later age.     You will find illustrations, photos as well as close-ups of various parts of the body throughout this book.   I find these fascinating and explain how our body works in a very colorful way.


Over 200 profiles of individual species as well as informative spreads on anatomy, behavior, and classification will be found in this title.   However, it only covers a small fractions of all the mammals found on earth.   But Pocket Genius: Mammals will look at humans, whales, wallabies, camels and more and their place in the natural world.  It will explain their diet, how they defend themselves, their habitats and much more.   It will present you egg-laying mammals as well as pouched and placental ones.   In the end of the book, your child will be able to discover the record breakers mammals as well as amazing animals  based on their senses, their longevity, if they are found in myths, the ones who went to space and the mammals in movies.   My only issue with this title is that human have been places into the primate section.    Apart from that I think it is a fun book to have while traveling or waiting for an appointment.


One of the latest titles in the Pocket Genius series will cover everything in the subject of science.   From the basic principles of science including matter and materials, to energy and forces, to the living world, this will give your child a junior look at science and its roles in our world.   The book starts defining science and what it means to use today.   It will also present matter, energy, forces and the living world.    Your child will be introduced to atoms, molecules, elements, electricity, magnetism, radioactivity, sound, movement,fungi, plants, cycles, ecosystems, and much more.    Science is a fascinating subject I find and you can always learn from books.     Consequently, this book is great to have in the car so that your kids can dig in it whenever they want to.

In conclusion, I can only say that I really like the Pocket Genius titles for various reasons.  They are easy to grand and go, they are informative, they cover specific subjects that would be interesting for kids, and they will encourage your kids to dig more on a specific subjects when they are done with it.

If you want to find these titles and many more that could be interesting to supplement school works/studies as well as inform your kids on specific themes, I would suggest that you check out the Back to School Boutique at DK Canada.  Don’t forget that they offer 30% off on titles listed in this specific promotion. Click on the image below to discover the various titles found in the Back To School Boutique at DK Canada!


The titles presented in this review are available for purchase at your favourite bookstore, even and










Disclaimer: Thanks to DK Canada for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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