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Back to School with DK Canada Part 5–Where on Earth?

back-to-school-boutique-button-185x185To celebrate the Back to School event in our lives, DK Canada is having a special limited time offer (30% off) on selected titles in their Back to School Boutique.  Consequently, to celebrate the Back to School time of the year, I will present you some of the titles found in the DK Canada Boutique in the week to come.  9781465402455H

Where on Earth? is a great book to explore with your kids when you want to know something specific about things found around the world.  The pages inside this book will take you on a geographical tour around the world with special maps that will illustrated a specific thing like power stations, nature, history, technology and so on.     You will definitively see the world with a whole new perspective while flipping through these pages.

From volcanoes to the Seven Wonders of the World, you will be in awe with some of the results of your world map on a specific subject.   You want to know where the world’s tallest buildings are located?  No problem.   I was very surprised by some of the heights of these buildings.    Do you know where earthquakes are most likely to occur?  Or where to find animals that glow?  This book will give you the answer you are looking for.  In all, there are seventy-five 3-D maps that will highlight something specific from around the world.



The book is divided into six chapters:

  • Land, sea, and air: Earth’s crust, earthquakes, mountains, volcanoes, ocean floor, ocean in motion, rivers, craters and meteorites, hot and cold, rain and snow, hurricanes, biomes, forests, deserts, ice and time zones.
  • Living world: Dinosaur fossils, predators, deadly creatures, alien invasion, bird migrations, whales, sharks, river monsters, insects, world of plants, biodiversity, unique wildlife, endangered animals, and extinct animals.
  • People and planet: Where people live, nomads, young and old, health, pandemics, poverty, world’s gold billionaires, food production, food intake, literacy, pollution, garbage and waste, clean water, fossil fuels, alternative energy, climate change and wilderness.
  • Engineering and technology: Air traffic, shipping, railroads, roads, tallest buildings, internet connections, satellites and space junk, and armed forces.
  • History: Fossil humans, prehistoric culture, Ancient empires, Ancient wonders, mummies, Medieval wonders, Medieval empires, castles, battlegrounds, last empires, revolutions, shipwrecks, and industrial wonders.
  • Culture: Languages, holy places, tourism, art, statues, festivals, television, stadium, car racing, roller coasters, and national flags.

You will get instantaneous information on all these subjects.  From physical geography, habitats of big cats, the Seven Wonders of the World, Olympic cities, shipwreck sites, and more, every map contains fact panels that provide additional information and useful statistics, while focus features pull out and explain the most interesting facets for an even richer experience.  It is definitively a great resource to have when studying geography with your kids.   I consider this book as a reference book that will help them to understand better the different between the countries around the world.

If you want to find these titles and many more that could be interesting to supplement school works/studies as well as inform your kids on specific themes, I would suggest that you check out the Back to School Boutique at DK Canada.  Don’t forget that they offer 30% off on titles listed in this specific promotion. Click on the image below to discover the various titles found in the Back To School Boutique at DK Canada!


The titles presented in this review are available for purchase at your favourite bookstore, even and


Disclaimer: Thanks to DK Canada for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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