Monday, August 19, 2013

Resolve Tip Exchange


Having kids often means that you can expect to find stain on their clothes.   But for us – family of six people who enjoy camping and fishing – it also means a wide variety of stains going from the well-known grass stains to other stains like mustard, ketchup, bbq sauceIMG_9197 and so on.   Like I mentioned my family loves to go fishing whenever they can.   The campground were we are parked this year has a lake and when we are there my husband would go with the kids and give me a couple of hours of quiet time.   But when they come back with fish, it also means it’s time to make filets and often (not to say every time) I can expect to have some fish blood on my husband shirt (and my sons as well).   Sigh.     I find blood, mustard and ketchup to be my pet peeves when it comes to stubborn stains.  The most common stain I have to deal with is mostly the spaghetti sauce stain all year round but in the summer time I would say it could be fish guts/blood stains.  

IMG_9207   IMG_9203

Though I have found a magical product for the tough stains on my whites, I still have to fight sometimes for the light colored clothes.  Here’s a few of my tips and tricks when it comes with dealing with stains.

For my whites, I love to use the a bleach pen that I can only find at a store near my place.  Since I discovered this product, I find that I was able to save numerous whites from untreatable stains.    This product is such a life saver for me that when I am at my last one in stock, I swing by the store and purchase a few more just in case I will need them.   I guess I could also use plain old bleach directly on the stain but I find it cumbersome to deal with the bleach bottle.

For light colors though I use two different products – one being the Resolve Oxi-Action (formely Spray and Wash Dual Power – which I didn’t realize until now that It was Resolve….) and the other one being a detergent booster that is also good for craft with the kids.     And when the stains are very rebellious, I also use the a special gel stick.

Resolve® Laundry Stain Remover wants to help moms across Canada to share tips, advice and how to tackle stains.   For this specific reason, the Resolve® Tip Exchange has been launched in order to allow people from throughout the country to share stain removal tips and advice and also to seek out advice on a stubborn stain you are trying to get rid of.  You can go easily to the website ( and share your own stain removing tips.  By taking a few minutes of sharing with others your ideas on how to remove some tough stains you can be entered in a chance to win one of twelve weekly prizes of $250 and a grand price of $5000 (from August 16th to August 30th, 2013).   Wouldn’t it be nice to get a gift like this just because you shared some tricks on how to remove stains.   Your tips can be either written or in a video format.   So hurry up and swing by the Resolve Tip Exchange in order to have a possibility to be a winner!

Like I mentioned before I had not realized that the Spray and Wash product I was using had changed its name to Resolve Oxi-Action.    Though I have used the gel form of the Resolve product, I look forward to use the In-Wash powders that I am expecting any day soon.   I am always open to new products that could help me deal with stain a bit better for every member of my family.

And with four kids who love to do dissections and learn more about how fish and other creatures bodies work (yes the two oldest love to check the stomach of fish to see what they ate) and with the high school years pointing in our homeschool horizon with more dissections opportunities (a friend recently mentioned she will tell me when she will deal with her ducks so we can go check their anatomy), I sense that I will have more stains to deal with in my future.



UPDATE – August 26th, 2013

Last week I have received my two containers of Resolve Oxi-Action – one for any kind of clothes and one specific for the whites.

The Resolve Oxi-Action In-Wash Stain Remover is a great product that will help you to remove the toughest stains in the was.   You can choose to pre-treat the stains that you have spotted or simply use it in the wash itself.   I have used it with light colored clothes that had dirt stains on it and they came out clean.   This meant I didn’t have to put them through the wash cycle again.  Apparently this specific product is fabulous for coffee, grape juice, blueberries, spaghetti sauce, mustard, ring around the collar, grass, ink, wine, tea and mud.

The Resolve Oxi-Action Crystal White is the first one I tried out one day – I had a pile of whites to wash and some had stains on it.    Various types of stain if you know what I mean.   Usually I go through a pretty quick routine to deal with my whites but this time I decided to pour some Resolve Crystal White and see what it will do.   Surprisingly enough, when I opened the washer, I was almost blinded by the whites…  Okay not that much but I did find my whites were whiter than usual (even with my Borax).   So I was very pleased with the end results.  And the stains were inexistant – completely gone.  Horray!   I had found another product that would do miracles on my whites.

In conclusion, I am quite pleased with both products.   I will definitively consider purchasing them if needed.   Thanks you Resolve Tip Exchange and Mom Central Canada for the opportunity to try them out!

Disclosure: I am part of the Resolve® Tip Exchange Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

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