Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Crayola Air Marker Sprayer

imageThe Crayola Air Marker Sprayer is simply fabulous for the child in your life that possesses some artist skills. Basically, this took will allow the young artist to paint with an airbrush using markers that are made by Crayola. I tried with another kind of marker that I had at home and because they were thinner it did not work. However, if you have large marker that are not Crayola made it could work if it fits in the nozzle.

The use of the tool is easy. First after unboxing all the components, you will have to plug the base in an electric outlet. Part of me wish that this device would be chargeable so that you do not have to have is plugged in while using it. But it isn’t the case so let’s move on…

The box comes with the base to which a tube is attached to the sprayer itself. A docking area is also possible for when you do not use the sprayer. The nozzle is easy to use as you simply open the marker you desire inside it and twist in order to secure it. Once you are ready IMG_7954you press the on/off button which is located on the base and use the trigger to start the masterpiece you have in mind. Voilà! It is that simple to use.

The Crayola Air Marker Sprayer comes with a few of white pages, two stencils (one composed of letters and numbers and another one with designs like a feather, the sun, a dragon and so on), and five pip squeaks (red, yellow, green, blue and purple). Honestly for the price tag I would have expected a bit more colors included in the box. Because honestly there is more space in the box to include more colors… I guess you will have to purchase more pip squeaks or large Crayola markers if you place to give this as a gift.


Another aspect of the Crayola Air Marker Sprayer that I have notice while using it was the loud noise it makes when it is powered. The tool is easy to use but it is quite noisy when it runs.

Apart from my desires of having this device rechargeable or more markers included in the box, I think this product would be a fabulous gift to a young artist. It would be perfect for Christmas or birthdays for sure.

The Crayola Air Marker Sprayer is available for purchase at and


Disclaimer: This product has been provided courtesy of Vine Voices for review purpose. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by or the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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