Friday, September 16, 2016

Philips Shaver S9531 Series 9000

IMG_1964The Philips Shaver S9531/27 Series 9000  will allow your man to shave in dry or wet mode.   You will also have the possibility to choose between three speeds in order to select your own personal comfort setting while using the shaver.     The shaving unit is very flexible and allow to follow the curve or your face.   In all the shaving unit can move in eight directions and allow you to have a clean cut shave.   Apparently this shaver will allow you to cut 20% more than any other shavers.  

This shaver will require being charged for about 1 hour before being used.  This hour will give you about 50 shaving minutes afterward.  Note that the Philips Shaver Series 9000 can only be used cordlessly.   You could either use the adapter to charge it or insert it in the SmartClean system in order to replenish the battery. It also can be locked for traveling purposes in order to prevent the shaver from being switched on by accident. 


I initially thought that my husband would like to try it out but his skin is so sensitive that he learned long time ago to avoid shaver.   So I got the permission to allow my father-in-law to try the shaver for me.   When I brought him the shaver last night, it was almost like it was a Christmas morning for him because he opened up the box immediately and proceeded to remove all the items from their packaging.  His first impression when he held the shaver in his hands was “Boy, this is very light!”.    He immediately plugged it in the electrical plug in order to charge it.    This morning the phone rang and he wanted to share his thoughts with me.   Here’s what he has found.   The shaver is very easy to use and does indeed cut closer than anything he had in the past.  His skin is smoother that what it used to be with his previous shaver.   So I guess that the shaver does indeed cut more than any other kinds on the market.  At first when he wanted to use the trimmer attachment, he was a big worried about removing the shaving unit but it was very easy to do and the shaving unit is quite sturdy.   He is very satisfy with the shaver on dry mode.  He has not try the wet mode yet but I wouldn’t be surprise that he will do so in the days to come.  For today, my in-laws are celebrating their 49th wedding anniversary and I am please that he could have a cleaner shave for this special day.

The shaver also comes with a SmartClean System which will keep the saver like new every day.   This sytem cleans, lubricates, dries, and charges the shaver.  You can choose to clean the shaver with using the SmartClean System or tap water if you prefer.

The box comes with the following:  shaver, trimmer attachment, cleaning cartridge, SmartClean system, retaining ring holder, pouch for storage and or travel, and adapter.  Instructions to use the shave as well as on how to clean it are ridiculously clear with many illustrations to guide you in the process. IMG_1965Even the pouch was of great design and sturdy.


Note that you will have to replace the shaving heads every year and also purchase new cleaning cartridge if you want to continue to use the SmartClean system.  

In conclusion, my father-in-law was so impressed with it that I suppose this would be a wonderful gift to someone who uses a shaver on a regular basis.  

The Philips Shaver S9531/27 Series 9000 is available for purchase at your favourite store, even and


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