Thursday, September 18, 2008

From the past...

I'm curious about my ancestors.   And over the last 10 years or so I was able to collect our genealogy.   It's not complete but I have most of our past figured out.    I have all the ancestors of the Lussiers and Cantins up to the first who came in Canada.   I think I have most of the Rivards and some Lantaignes a bit of Boissés and none of Ledouxs.    These are on the grand-parents sides.   But I think it's interesting that my kids  will be able to continue their genealogy in the future.  

One thing I cherish are things from the past.  Like I have an old necklace and bag from my grand-mother, old furniture that belonged to her, old pictures from my parents, and this ring from my paternal grand-father.

This ring is quite a mystery for me.   I don't know the whole story behind it.   I heard that either my grand-father or great-grand-father had gone to Yukon and found a golden nugget which was turned into this ring.   I wonder sometimes if the story is accurate or not.   Everytime I look at it, I wonder what is the history behind it.    This is something that is gone forever for me simply because I never really sat down with my grand-pa and asked him.   He is gone now... since many many years (I was a teenager when he died).   And my dad too since Dec 2000 -  well I don't think he ever knew the story either.   Honestly I didn't expect getting this ring when dad died.   He had left my mom since a number of years and was living with a woman that I never met - never felt as though I needed to met her either.  However, after many years of separation from dad I had decided in Nov 2000 to make an effort and meet him in a public place with my aunt, his sister.   He was sick.  Very sick as a matter of fact...  Cancer.   God had worked so many years to make peace in my heart and I forgave my dad.   He died knowing I was expecting his first grand-child... 

Anyhow, back to the ring...   After his death, I received a package in the mail.  It was the famous ring...   And now, I have this ring - not really knowing what to do with it and wondering what it's story is.   Wondering...   Oh I wish I knew the story so I can tell my kids about it.

If you are reading this, I strongly suggest that you take the time to learn about your parents, grand-parents and so on.   So many stories they can tell you.   For me, it's too late...   but I encourage all of you to take the time and sit down with an elder and ask them questions from their past.  Learn from them.  They are often wiser than we can think...

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  1. This is the story of my life to. I have nothing of families past. I do have a ring from my grandmother, it is her birthstone and she wanted me to have it. I was born on the same day as her. I never grew up with family. My mom had 10 sisters and 1 brother. We were close to one famliy. My dad 3 and 3, I knew a few of them. My parents moved to Ontario and everyone lived in Newfoundland. I know there is a wonderful history there. But no one is close, or worst some aren't talking to family. So very said. I pray that one day this will heal and everyone can be family.

    So nice that you got the ring.

    God Bless