Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our curriculum this year

I just realized that I haven't talked about the curriculum we will be using this year.

For Alexandre: Toute ma deuxième année, Je lis! 2ème année, Par Écrit! 2ème année, Pas de problème! 2ème année, Math U See Beta, Mystery of History 1, Teach art for children (and mom), science also...  OUF!  Oh and I have some English phonic and English writing for him too!   Rosetta Stone French and Spanish.   Brainware

For Dominic:  Math U See Primer, Phonics Factory, 3 Steps Ahead, Toute ma maternelle, Brainware, Raconte-moi les sons (alphabet sounds in French). He will also learn to say his name, address, phone number and so on.

For Jérémy: Well he is following Dominic....  Repeating everything with him.  So I am assuming he will learn his alphabet and his numbers...   Teaching him to write his name, cut and fold.  And potty training - for whatever reason this kid is stubborn....

For Jasmine:  Nothing formal for her yet!   Teaching her to walk and using a sippy cup.

I might forget a few things.... but in a nutshell this is what we will use along with devotions every morning.

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