Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh the sadness in these eyes!

My pumpkin is sick... not a bad sick but she is not feeling good because of the chicken pox.   She doesn't have any other way to express it but crying.   Nothing comfort her...  only mommy arms actually but sometimes I need to do something else.   Her temperature was rising this morning so I gave her some tylenol.  Now she is sleeping peacefully - hopefully for the whole afternoon.

My 4 year old is okay.  More spots coming up so I cut his nails to avoid scratching.    

This morning - Oh joy coul dit be... yes! - Jérémy has two spots in his back.    Horray.   Exposure was 100% effective.   Thanks to Eva and Zahra Brown (two of the six kids of our friends who are missionary in Thailand and are in Canada until November).   

Me.   Well, I'm a bit tired...  I find that when my kids are sick my sleep is not as hard as it should be...  and with Jasmine being the worst of the three so far... well I think you know what I mean.  

So this chicken pox adventure means no swimming courses on Thursday and no gymnastics on Wednesday for Dominic.   He doesn't know yet and it would be preferable that he doesn't know to avoid any crying - after all he is my drama king...

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  1. Sounds like it's so busy and chaotic at your house! I can't believe you actually WANTED your kids to have the chicken pox. That's funny.