Monday, September 8, 2008

Turtle hatching season

I didn't know but apparently this is the season for turtle hatching.   And I just got and e-mail for an activity at Petrie Island (a bit far from my place but so worth it to go to) about Turtle Hatching.   So I called, left my name and phone number and wait until they call back....   Registering 3 kids - ages 2,4 and 7).  Cost?  6$ plus parking which is 2$ for 5 hours or something like that.   Not too bad...   Don't know if I have to pay too!

They will watch a video on turtle hatching and then go see if there is evidence on the beach.   Isn't it cool?

Today we did our first lesson of Mystery of History - which was about creation.   Okay we did lots of reading and we did a coloring about the creation.   Tomorrow I will give an assignment to Alexandre (the other two are a bit too young).    It was fun.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the specialist for my foot - going through the different things before surgery in November.   I am not looking forward to it but it has to be done.  This bunion of mine is killing me at times and it took me 2 years to see this doctor (this is my 2nd appointment with her).  

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