Saturday, September 4, 2010

Grangeways RV Park & Family Campground



We stayed at the Grangeways RV Park & Family Campground from Aug 26 to Sept 1st 2010.

The first thing we encountered was the small road leading to the campground.   At first we thought it was the way in and another place was the way out.  Not so.   This is the only road going in or out of the campground.   Driving a 33’ RV behind our truck, my husband immediately mentioned the fact that he wouldn’t want coming face to face with another RV trying to go out of the place!   I guess that the owners have measured the space and came to the conclusion that it can fit two RVs but honestly we found it a bit tight for our taste…2010_08_30_15_24_04

After registering, we were quickly directed to our RV spot and we were impressed with the space designed for each RV.    The area is well organized and the RV spots are taken care off.   Each area is somewhat private with trees located on both side.   The are where you park you RV is on gravel and make it sturdier to set up we found.  


2010_09_01_08_57_24 The laundry facility is very clean and the owners took the time to decorate it with fun older washing tools.   While I brought our laundry there, I observed the decor and came back with ideas for my own laundry room.   I only have to find some older tools so I can proceed to add some character to my laundry room!  


2010_09_01_08_59_00The pool itself is quite interesting as it is round.  A hug pool if you ask me but it would be preferable if the owners would invest in an heating system as the water was quite cold when we were there in August.   Brrr!   Even the kids thought it was too cold at one point.    So we didn’t venture often in the pool even though the days were quite warm in Toronto.


On site, you will find an arcade, badminton, ball hockey, a baseball diamond, a basketball court, fishing, horseshoes, a miniature golf, 2 playground, a swimming pool, a wading pool, volleyball as well as planned activities throughout the summer.   A little creek also runs through the campground and kids enjoy playing in it during hot summer days.

2010_09_01_10_57_36The play areas itself were well taken care off and there was plenty of toys for the kids to play with.    There is even a smaller area for younger kids close to the office!    My daughter enjoyed spending time on one of the big dinosaurs in the playground near our RV.   I also found that they planned for many kids as numerous Tonka trucks, tractors and bens was found there!


The other thing we were disappointed with was the fact that there was no internet at this campsite.   Being business owners, we have to rely on campgrounds that will allow us to have access to the internet.    Fortunately, we had some limited internet connection via the iPhone of my husband.  However, it would be a great addition for this campground, if they would consider including this for their RVers.

Nevertheless, despite the lack of internet and the cold pool, we enjoyed our stay at Grangeways and would recommend it to our friends.

The campsite is located about 30-40 minutes from the Toronto Zoo.   The area is quiet and the RVers were friendly. 

Grangeways can be found at 9700 3rd Concession Road, Sandford, ON   L0C 1E0


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  2. We love the campground staff very friendly lots to do and it is clean my only issue i saw was no info on in case of emergency or any defibrillator in case some one has a heart attack or any first aid kits other than that great for camping. Im also curious if there is a history of paranormal activity at the site for we had our own experiences late at night