Wednesday, September 29, 2010

XPress Lounger

xl-mainimage-green-lg Move out simple camping chair – here comes the XPress Lounger!

As RVers we were looking everywhere for a camping chair that will be small in size and still comfortable when you sit on it.   While looking for products over a RV site, we discovered the XPress Lounger and were thrilled about it after watching their video.

One day, I decided that I would try to request one for review.    And the company graciously send me an XPress Lounger for the purpose of this review.

Honestly this is the best design we have ever seen so far.    An RV is fun but with a family of six, we need to be wise with our space and most chairs are bulky and heavy.    And the XPress Lounger can be folded so well that we won’t worry about the space taken in the RV.    Actually, with the Xpress Telescoping Technology™, the Xpress Lounger™ folds down to 1/16th of its size - about the size of a laptop case.

This chair is ideal for camping, fishing, tailgating and RVing.    There is a beverage holder and a media pocket on one side and with the XPress telescoping technology is can be fold in three easy steps.  Check out this video to see how it is done!

The chair is quite comfortable.   My husband and I both tried it in our house as the camping season is finished (actually we close our RV last week-end!).   We are looking forward to use the XPress Lounger when we RV next year.   It would be nice to have a chair that doesn’t take much space when we travel with it.   We are always looking for ways to reduce the weight that we pull and this chair is wonderful for that. 

As much as we love the chair, we do have a little suggestion for the designers of this wonderful chair.   The only thing we find is missing would be a strap to help carry it on your should or your bag.    The chair is not heavy per say but when you have four kids and are going to a concert in the park for example, you need to hold the hand of the little ones.   And carrying the chair in your hands as well as holding a child is just not feasible.    So having a strap will solve the problem and would be a nice addition.   The strap could be remove anytime (not fixed on the chair).  

The company is also going to release another version of this chair in 2011 called the XPress Lounger XL which will support up to 300 lbs.  

This review was possible because I received a copy of the XPress Lounger in exchange of the review.

Weight capacity:  250 lbs
Weight of the chair itself: 9 lbs
Seat height: 17 inches
Seat width: 20 inches
Folded dimensions:  17” x 2” x 16”

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  1. The XPress Lounger automatically spells out that there would be no sitting on laid out blanket mats for you! Easily foldable, you can store them in your RV in the corner of your storage. It's a must-have for people like me who love hiking very much!