Friday, October 28, 2011

Bop-It XT

9DE5D26F5056900B103771C21D0E3042Bop-It! XT
By Hasbro Canada

About the toy

It’s time to get moving. Can you keep up? When you turn it on, this totally cool Bop It game calls out commands. It’s up to you to “pull it”, “bop it”, “twist it” — or “flick it”, “spin it”, “shake it”! Can you keep up as the tempo revs?

Play Bop It! XT in party mode or solo — you can even plug in your headphones to keep the game all to yourself. Get it right and you can keep going, but if you get the moves wrong, your turn is up. Think you’ve got what it takes to beat it? Then, start the action!

Includes Bop It! XT game unit and instructions.

Includes 3 “AAA” batteries.   For 1 or more players.   Ages 8 and up.

My Thoughts


Shake it!

Flick it!

Twist it!

Pull it!

Spin it!

Oh ho!   You missed!

My oldest son has eyed this game for a while now…  His cousin got it one year for his birthday and since then Alexandre wants to have one.   Now we have the app version on the iPod but it isn’t the same as holding the game in your hand and being nervous about it. *grin*   Well I do get nervous even with the app version… LOL  but that’s another story.

So when I got the opportunity to review the Bop-It! XT I jumped on it.  When I play with it my stomach gets knots and I am nervous – result is that I can perform properly.   I hope that this nervousness will reduce itself has time goes by and I play with it.  

I find this particular game is fun for camping as well as long trip in the car.  Now mind you my husband would not be able to drive with this thing speaking all the time.  But this version has been upgraded with the possibility of plugging in headphones!  How ingenious is that?  I tested this particular feature and find it fabulous.   Once the headset is plugged in you don’t hear anything from the machine.   Fantastic!   It is a great little idea that will please numerous parents I think!

Needless to say I need to work on my score… it’s pathetic.  But the game is highly addictive as you are motivated to get a better score.   What was my score?   mmmm!   I prefer to keep it for myself if you don’t mind.

Seriously, I think every family should have a Bop It! XT in their house.  Not only is it good for entertaining the kids at camping or while driving (with headsets) but it is a perfect game for a party or a evening of fun with your kids. 

This game is an absolute must under the tree this year.    You won’t regret it!

Bop-It! XT is available at your favorite toy store.

Disclaimer: I received the product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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