Tuesday, October 4, 2011

“New and Improved” The Old Schoolhouse Magazine–coming January 2012!

In the 21st century, you see more and more e-readers and tablets popping out on the market.   This also brought the publishers to find new ways to reach out to readers all around the world.

Recently I have learned that the homeschool magazine I am receiving through the regular mail is undergoing an enormous change.  The Old Schoolhouse magazine will become totally digital starting on January 2012 which means that paper copies won’t be available anymore.

The bonus for this new and improve magazine is that we will be able to receive it  on a monthly basis instead of quarterly.   More columnists are also involved in this new version and with it more reading to do as well for the homeschooler mom.

I’m curious about this edition of the magazine.   I know that many have mixed feelings about it but in the long run I always found that change is necessary to become better.

I must admit that I am blessed to own an iPad on which I will be able to upload my magazines and read on the go if needed.   Not everyone are that fortunate.   With Christmas coming around the corner, I would like to suggest that you consider blessing you wife with a tablet PC, iPad or any other e-reader device that will allow her to read her favourite magazine to get inspired and encouraged in her homeschool journey with your kids.

Watch the little video below to discover "The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine's All-Star-Cast of Columnists!

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