Friday, May 18, 2012

Auto-B-Good Blazing The Trail


We were total strangers to the series of Auto-B-Good.   Apparently this is a series that promotes values to children.

The series has two seasons of shows which covers the following character traits – punctuality, promptness, readiness, responsibility, respectfulness, dependable, obedience, self-control, politeness, truthfulness, honesty,kindness, thankfulness, generosity, goodwill, joyfulness, patience, cooperation, tolerance, consideration, uniqueness, patriotism, citizenship, loyalty, courage, initiative, self-reliance, perseverance, sportsmanship, self-discipline, resourcefulness, cleanliness, fairness, courtesy, confidence, decency, morality, dignity, integrity, bravery, commitment, discovering talent, determination, judging others, friendliness, gratefulness, sharing, forgiveness, wisdom, peacefulness, wisdom, trustworthiness, helpfulness, enthusiasm, restraint, self-acceptance, caring, willpower, heroic, imaginative, friendship, selfless, and hygiene.

A while back I contacted Rising Star Studios to see if I could review another of their product.   I was impressed when someone contacted me to discuss my offer within a couple of hours of me sending them an email.    That person also asked if I would be willing to review some episodes of Auto-B-Good.   Not knowing the series I agreed and I received two DVDs to review.  

In this post I will review the Auto-B-Good DVD titled Blazing The Trail.

abg_mm_blazingthetrail264About the DVD

Join EJ, Johnny and friends as they discover the true meaning of "hero," learn when "too much" is "not so good" and how to be an encouragement to a friend who is suffering.

Episode 1 - Breaking New Ground (Caring)
Breaking world records is fun, but when EJ gets hurt, Johnny's the only one laughing. Sometimes the only way to feel someone else's pain is to experience some yourself.
Episode 2 - Level 39 (Willpower)
Johnny flips for the latest video game while EJ stuffs himself on a new snack. Can they control their cravings before their cravings control them?
Episode 3 - Western Hero (Heroic)
When EJ and friends get a chance to meet their favorite TV western hero, they're disappointed to find this cowboy cowering behind the real heroes.
Bonus episode - Road Rage (Self-Discipline)
Johnny's perfect summer plan involves joining the Auto Stunt Thrill Team! He thinks being fast and fearless is all it takes, but finds that discipline is needed to direct his built-in skills.
Run time: approx. 50 minutes

Our Thoughts

The younger kids enjoyed Auto-B-Good quite a bit.  I’m not so sure about the older two however.  Though they have stayed and watched with their younger siblings I have the feeling that they thought it was a little too young.  

I also watched the DVD with them.   This particular DVD contains three episodes as well as a bonus one.    Each of them will teach the child about a character trait that is good to develop.   In the first episode, Johnny learns the importance to develop empathy toward his friends.     The second episode is a good representation of self-control when you want your kids to discover what it can do to them if they don’t control themselves to eat or do something in excess.   I particularly love this one has it can be applied in various situations in life.

The third episode will present the importance of being an hero and how not to steal the show from someone else.   Finally in the bonus episode, Johnny will learn that discipline and developing skills are important when you want to obtain something.

In the end, the DVD illustrate the importance to develop character traits in life as well as always try to do your best.    The animation is very well done and the little cars are adorable.

The Auto-B-Good Blazing The Trail is available for 7.99$ at Rising Star Studios or at your favourite store where you buy DVDs. 

Disclaimer: Thanks to Rising Star Education for sending me the above mentioned products for review purposes . I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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