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Star Wars The Ultimate Visual Guide

imageStar Wars The Ultimate Visual Guide
Published at DK Canada

About the book

Journey through the Star Wars galaxy with this compelling book.

Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide uncovers the full story of the amazing Star Wars sage, with more than 1,000 images from the movies, cartoons, comics, novels, and TV series, along with merchandise, behind-the-scenes photography, and much more!

The extensively researched guide reveals the complete, millennia-spanning history of George Lucas’s long ago, far-away galaxy, from the origins of the noble Jedi and the evil Sith to the rise of Luke Skywalker’s New Jedi Order – an ideal introduction to the world of Star Wars and an invaluable addition to every fan’s collection.

The updated and expanded edition now also includes overviews and images of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series, an in-depth look at The Old Republic video game, as well as stunning new merchandise and the phenomenally successful LEGO Star Wars theme.

My thoughts

You wanted to learn EVERYTHING for Star Wars but didn’t know which book you should get?  Well look no more.  The Star Wars Ultimate Visual Guide will provide all the knowledge you are seeking to get your family and friends in awe.  

I, myself, will more than likely read this book from cover to cover because there is so much information hidden in it.   

The images and photos are spectacular to the point that I am not looking forward to read the comic collection we got a few months ago.    A complete star Wars comic collection that we were able to get for a fraction of the price.    Sweet!   I recognize images from the movies and the television series but I also see new images of events that happened in the books and the comics.   

The book is simply breathtaking and contains so much information that any Star Wars fan will love it.

Here’s some images from the book.




Isn’t the presentation absolutely fabulous?    I suspect that a fan of Star Wars won’t be able to put the book down…   Going through this book, I can’t help myself but to recall a video that went wildfire many years ago.  The video titled “George Lucas in Love” hypothesized on how Lucas came up with the idea of Star Wars.  I think you can find the video somewhere on the internet but I will leave it to you to google it and find it.   It’s worth watching though.    Just saying.

We love the Star Wars movies.   I remember going to the remake of them when my husband and I were dating back in the late 90s.    And since having kids, not only have we gotten a comic collection but you will find books, LEGO, toys and more.   Mind you we are not die-hard fans.   We don’t have everything concerning Star Wars like soaps and so on.  But you could find a few t-shirts as well as a couple of games based on the movies.   The Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide is a great book to have in our personal library for reference and for learning more about everything concerning Star Wars.

Now the reason I am presenting you this book today is that a big event held by DK Canada is coming up on May the 4th.    If you want to have the opportunity to provide fabulous book to a great reading foundation I strongly suggest that you continue reading.

In celebration of the May the 4th Be With You! event, you need to know that for every DK Star Wars book sold at Chapters / Indigo stores on May 4-6, we will be making a donation to the Indigo For the Love of Reading Foundation.

Here’s some information about the program.

We passionately believe that when a child has a book put in their hands it changes their life forever. With the support of Indigo customers and employees the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation puts books into the hands of Canadian children. To do date Love of Reading has committed over $12 million to more than 650 high-needs elementary schools across the country so children can develop a love of reading, unleash their dreams and fulfil their potential. For more information about the Foundation visit,

Also, several Chapters and Indigo stores across Canada will be having special May the 4th parties during the weekend sponsored by DK and featuring costumed characters from Star Wars provided by the 501st Legion. Here’s a full list of stores ( asterix means the 501st will be there! ).D12 MAY THE FOURTH-2012 rectangle2

  • NEWFOUNDLAND – Saturday May 5th / Call for details - Chapters St. John’s 70 Kenmount St A1B 1W3 –709.726.0375
  • NEW BRUNSWICK – Saturday May 5th / Call for details – Chapters Halifax - Bayers Lake Power Centre, 188 Chain Lake Dr – 902.450.1023
  • OTTAWA* – Friday May 4th – 12 noon – Chapters Rideau – 47 Rideau Street – 613.241.0073
  • OTTAWA*– Saturday May 5th – 3.00 pm – Chapters Kanata – Kanata Centrum, 400 Earl Grey Drive Unit # 1- 613.271.7553
  • TORONTO* – Friday May 4th – 12.30 pm – Indigo Eaton Centre – 220 Yonge St – 416.591.3622
  • TORONTO – Saturday May 5th / Call for details - Indigo Yorkdale – 3401 Dufferin St, Unit #29 – 416.781.6660
  • WINNIPEG*– Saturday May 5th – 12 noon – Chapters Polo Festival, 695 Empress Street – 204.775.5999
  • CALGARY*– Friday May 4th – 2.00 pm – Chapters Shawnessy – The Boulevard Shopping Centre, 16061 Macleod Trail S.E. – 403.201.5660
  • VANCOUVER* – Friday May 4th – 12 noon – Chapters Robson – 788 Robson Street – 604.682.4066

If you want DK Canada to donate some marvelous book to the foundation, all you have to do is to submit pix of the Chapters / Indigo events and either post them on our Facebook page at or Tweet them using the hashtag #DKmay4th. For each photo DK Canada receives, they will make a donation to the Love of Reading Foundation.

Finally, for the entire month of May DK Canada is having a photo contest where people are invited to send photos of themselves or loved ones reading DK Star Wars books. For each picture received, DK Canada will again make a donation to the Love of Reading Foundation. Information about the contest will be posted under “PHOTO CONTEST” at DK Canada will pick an Office Favourite photo and that person will win a DK Star Wars library worth $200 and we will donate a complete set of DK Star Wars Readers to the library of school of their choice.

To celebrate the upcoming May the 4th Be With You! event, I will be posting different books of the Star Wars collection from DK Canada during the rest of the week.

In the meantime, if you have a fan that just need to have this new book, you can find it at any bookstore, even

Disclaimer: Thanks to DK Canada for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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