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Battleship Movie and Hasbro toys

hasbro_2009When I was younger one of the games that I remember the most playing was Battleship.   And through the years, the game could always be found on the shelves of many stores.    Last year, I had the privilege to review the new electronic version of the game- Battleship Live – which gave a different twist to an already popular game.

For those of you who don’t know this already, Battleship will arrive to the BIG screen this month.    I never thought that one day I would see a game brought to live in theaters but with the technology that is available now for Hollywood this is now possible.   Click on the image below to access the site of Battleship The Movie  and have the opportunity to watch the trailer.  By the way, the movie is opening on May 18th at a theater near you!


Alongside with the upcoming movie, Hasbro has released new games and toys based on the storyline.    I received various items so I can present them to you.   Along with two movie edition games, Hasbro has also a variety of Kre-O products based on the movie as well.

So when I received my packaged from Hasbro I didn’t know what I should be expecting.   Imagine my surprise when I saw a big box on my porch one afternoon when my son was going out to get the mail.

Inside the delivery box was another box – that looked simply amazing…  I couldn’t resist taking a picture of it.


So I opened the box and this is what greeted me into the world of Battleship!  Seriously how can you resist a package like this.  And the Fire button really worked too!   I was speechless…


So I opened the next part of the box to discover the products that Hasbro have sent me and I was greeted with these amazing games/toys.


So here’s the products I have received.

309838535056900B1038CA1D23AAB147Classic BATTLESHIP Movie Edition Game309840625056900B1005F66160EAB376

You are at the helm in the fight for the future of the planet. Will you command the Alien Fleet or defend the Human Navy? Scan the battlefield for locations to conceal your highly-detailed, movie-based ships. Then, brace yourself for search-and-destroy battle intensity as you compete with the enemy to keep your ships afloat. Choose from three game variations for edge-of-your seat excitement!

Includes 2 game units, 5 Navy ships, 5 Alien ships, 2 Decks of Special Ops cards, red & white pegs, rules and reference card.

My Thoughts

Remember the old Battleship game with the little white and red pins and the two fleets of boats?   Well the classic game of Battleship is coming back with a new edition based on the upcoming movie.   This version of the game will have the boats on one side against the aliens on the other.   The plastic representation of the ships is similar to the classic game from when I was younger.   However, the packaging has been revamped and display the logos of the new movie.    Though you can play the classic version of the game, you also have the possibility to play the Special Ops game version.  This Special Ops game requires the cards that you will find tucked inside the portable game.    The cars will provide a search-and-destroy strategy and will also give you more firepower.   This is definitively a new twist to a well-known game of more than 69 years.   In both games, the objective is the same: sink your opponent’s fleet to win!

This version of the game requires two people to play.   If you are interested in more opportunities with your game, please note that a Deluxe Battleship Movie Edition Game  is also available.   This deluxe version will scan the battlefield for locations to conceal the ships as well as electronic voice commands and sound effects to your missions.  You can also play on your own, battle a friend or choose between three edge-of-your-seat missions.

A Battleship Hidden Treat Card Game is also available.

I also receive two KRE-O products in the box.

309CE9685056900B1062121C86378880KRE-O BATTLESHIP U.S.S. MISSOURI Construction Set

In your imaginary battles, the aliens are powerful and well-armed, but luckily, you’ve got the incredible armaments of the U.S.S. MISSOURI at your command. Missiles, torpedoes, machine guns and the most highly trained KREON figure commandos are ready to take on the otherworldly threat in this flagship building set from KRE-O! Build it and pretend to join the battle!

If you want to be on the cutting edge of brick play, and imagine yourself on the front lines of a battle to protect the Earth, KRE-O BATTLESHIP Building Sets are for you. High-octane, in your face action building is yours, with the sets that let you build like you play – without limits!

Build the mighty U.S.S. MISSOURI! 6 customizable missile launchers with firing missiles! 3 interior levels – including central control room, captain’s navigation tower, and soldier sleeping barracks with alien examination room. Working crane lift302662195056900B109EFEE0459B8C12s the attack boat! Works with leading construction brands!



309BD91F5056900B10CD7D5F3017CFD5KRE-O BATTLESHIP ALIEN STRIKE Construction Set

With 277 bricks and other construction pieces, you can build your own battle against alien invasion! Build an alien ship and firing weapons for your KREON figures! Your Alien Pilot and Alien Gunner figures can crew the alien ship while your Raikes and Hopper figures ride their skiff into battle against them! Look inside the package for weapon building ideas. Build and rebuild their weapons for exciting blasting action in the sky, on the ground or in the water!

Build the awesome alien strike vehicle and Navy scout boat! 2 customizable missile launchers with firing missiles! Opening cockpit! Moveable wings! Capture claw! Works with leading construction brands!

Includes 277-piece construction kit, Raikes KREON figure, Hopper KREON FIGURE, Alien Pilot KREON FIGURE, and Alien Gunner KREON FIGURE. 309BC1BE5056900B10729BF185921E36

Product does not float.

My Thoughts on KRE-O

KRE-O is a wonderful way to mix building blocks with themed movies.  Last year I had the opportunity to review the Transformers KRE-O products and this time we got two items from Battleship The Movie.

My kids are all over the construction building block we have.   We have different ones from different companies.  However, I find the KRE-O one to be a great quality and easy to manipulate.   They are quite similar to a well-known building blocks company that we probably all know.   At the same time, they are better than the ones from another company that also entered the smaller size of blocks a few years ago.   I like variety and the opportunity to recreate scenes from a movie.  The KRE-O offers exactly this to the movie fans out there.    

The Kre-O Battleship line of toys also includes the following sets based on the movie.

Kre-O Battleship Combat Chopper Construction Set

Kre-O Battleship Land Defense Battle Pack Construction Set

Kre-O Battleship Ocean Attack Construction Set

Also in the fall more sets will be available based on Battleship The Movie – the Mine Stryker set, the Air Assault set, and the Battle Base set.

So on May 18th, plan a night a fun and go watch the new Battleship The Movie.    My husband and I are looking forward to see it as we know that it would be different than any other movies as it is based on a popular game that first made it to the market back in 1943 when it was a pad-and-pencil game.  Since 1967 it is a popular game board in many families.   2012 will be the year the game is finding its way to the big screen with the first movie.   


I have received a second set of the products I have reviewed to giveaway to a person in the Ottawa area.   To win, I would ask you to tell me what are your memories of playing Battleship when you were younger as well as tell me what you think of the new line of Battleship products.  

You will also have to include your email address in your comments so that I can reach you if you are a winner.  Also, the winner will have to pick up the package.

You can have an extra entry is you promote it on facebook.  Provide the link of your post in the comments area as well as you email address.

Deadline is June 15th, 2012.    Open to resident in the Ottawa-Gatineau area.   Pick up of the winning package will be mandatory.


All these products based on Battleship The Movie are available at your favourite toy store.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Hasbro Canada for sending me the above mentioned products for review purposes . I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.


  1. My sister and I never had this game growing up - but I have distinct memories of watching my two cousins play this (they were also our neighbors) when we were children.

    Since we are Facebook pals - you can reach me via FB if I'm so lucky as to win!

  2. I have memories growing up playing Battleship with my brothers at my Grandparents cottage- I don't think I won that often- LOL

    My boys looked at the lineup of the new products and thought they looked "awesome" !

    I will also post this contest to my FB account :) You can reach through my FB account....

  3. I remember playing this with my children when the were young. My grandsons would be delighted to have those wonderful new Battleship toys waiting for them to play with at Granny's house !!

  4. sandram99@rogers.com

  5. All my children loved playing battleship together or with us.Very good family game loved it.

  6. I used to play Battleship with my brother up at our farm. I certainly remember the commercials: "You sunk my battleship."

    I think some members of my family will enjoy this. And I would like to try the new edition of the game.

    juliadriedger at gmail(dot)com

  7. https://www.facebook.com/julia.driedger

    juliadriedger at gmail(dot)com

  8. I think I played this game with my brothers when I was younger. I do have a small travel version that is fun too!


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  10. My little brother and I used to play this together as kids. I can remember him beating me on many occasions. I really like the drawer feature on the new edition of the game! We always had baggies to hold the pieces before :D

    trisha dot davis at gmail dot com

  11. Shared on FB - https://www.facebook.com/benjiesluv

    trisha dot davis at gmail dot com

  12. I spent many hours playing Battleship with my older brother. I mostly lost! I've yet to introduce the game to my kids but know they'd love the construction sets.

    kmahillo at gmail dot com

  13. I loved playing battleship with my brother. I was the youngest and it was a simple enough concept that it was the first game I could beat him at.

    I love the Lego sets. They also remind me of my brothers first ship Lego set from childhood.

    I am posting here belinda.leung@rogers.com

    I am also posting on my Facebook page, and on Ottawa homeschool activities.

    For a total of 3 entries.

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    I also posted to another moms group a ebook page I am part of called playmate