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Human Body: A Visual Encyclopedia

ScreenShot005 Human Body: A Visual Encyclopedia
From DK Canada

About the product

Young readers explore how the human body really works with the fully interactive Human Body: A Visual Encyclopedia. What is the biggest organ? The smallest bone? The strongest muscle? Have your questions answered, then see how these body parts work. Find out how many miles your blood cells travel - then join them on a trip through the heart. Meet the engine room of the body; the beating heart, the brilliant brain, the amazing lungs, and the super skeleton. With 10 sections that explore the main systems of the body, let your child learn what makes their body tick. Perfect for the iPad, Human Body: A Visual Encyclopedia is jam-packed with interactive features, including: - 20 videos that bring organs and tissue to life - 15 3D images that illustrate how muscles and bones fit together that can be turned at the flick of a finger - 30 interactive galleries show close-up pictures of magnified cells - 60 zoom galleries take you even further into the body - touch an image to take a closer look - Find Out More galleries will make your school projects stand out with amazing facts From the top of your head to the tip of your toes, Human Body: A Visual Encyclopedia will excite and educate inquisitive minds.

My Thoughts

I’m passionate about learning the anatomy.    Maybe it’s because I really enjoyed my biology class when I was in high school I don’t know but I think it is important that everyone learns how our bodies work.    So when I saw this e-book I knew that it would make a great addition to our virtual library and requested the opportunity of reviewing it.   Of all the e-books I have reviewed for DK Canada so far, this one has excited me the most and immediately grabbed my interest. It is unbelievably well done, very interactive with videos and 3D images and full of learning experience for young and older people.

The Human Body: A Visual Encyclopedia will engage your on a new level of reading with interactive images, close-ups of parts of our body, videos that explain visually as well as find out more sections.  Human Body: A Visual Encyclopedia contains ten major sections:  

  • Body Basics – the cell and how the body fit altogether
  • Bones and Muscles – from head to toe
  • Heart and Blood – how does the cardio-vascular system works
  • Disease Defenses – this is very interesting with the cold season being at our foot steps
  • Lungs and Breathing – the respiratory system explained in details
  • Fueling the Body – the digestive system and how it helps us to be healthy and alive
  • Waste Disposal – shall I give more details?    However, I need to tell you that earlier this spring I had to pass a colonoscopy because my dad died of colon cancer and I was now in my 40s.   My son, who is VERY interested in medicine, asked if he could watch while I was getting the procedure done.    It wasn’t possible obviously but with this e-book he saw that he could watch a video of the inside of the colon.  He watched it with attention and he was quite pleased of the fact that this video was included in the e-book.  
  • Life Cycle – how we reproduce.   I would suggest that parents take the initiative in preparing their kids for this specific section.  I strongly believe that reproduction lessons should be done at home and not left entirely in the hands of the school.
  • In Control – how the brain and hormones works.
  • Super Senses – touch, smell, ears, touch, eyes, and much more

The graphics are colorful, the close-up details are breathtaking and the information contained in the pages of this e-book will explain from A-to-Z how the human body works to your kids.   This is definitively a great e-book to have to supplement your learning on the human body!    You will have plenty of videos to watch (without the sound though) that will explain how the various parts of your body works. 

image image

Check out some of the pages providing information on the muscular system.

image image

As  you can see the e-book is packed with interesting information on the human body.  Having the possibility of observing close-ups images of muscles, lungs, heart and other parts of the body is an eye opener for anyone.   

As I mentioned the sound is non existent in the video.  However, please keep in mind that e-books have advanced tremendously in the past couple of years and video has just started to be incorporated in them.   I am sure that as time goes by sound will also find its way in the pages of an advance e-book like the Human Body: A Visual Encyclopedia.    Right now, the creators of such fine e-books have to keep in mind the size of the file so that it doesn’t take all the space on your iPad.  

I would recommend Human Body: A Visual Encyclopedia to anyone interested in learning more about how our bodies work.   This e-book will bring the learning experience to a new level for you and your kids.   It is a marvelous e-book to have on your iPad for your homeschool or to supplement the learning done at school as well.   

Human Body: A Visual Encyclopedia is available for download on your iPad with iBooks 2 or on your computer with iTunes.   The price is 9.99$.

Disclaimer: Thanks to DK Canada for sending me the above mentioned ebook for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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