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windows-markuptools Snagit
Produced by TechSmith

About the product

Snagit gives you all the tools you need to create engaging images and videos.  Snag any image and enhance it with effects or create a quick video on your computer screen.   Then you can share your creations immediately with anyone – friends or co-workers.

My Thoughts

I had the opportunity to use Snagit for an assignment while I was doing my Social Media certificate at a school in town.   The assignment was to create a short video explaining the changes we would do for the social media presence for a non-profit organization.  

I found that it was easy to use and flexible in what you wanted to do.   For me I was only taking a video of the step by step changes I was suggesting going from one web page to another to show the “client” what I was talking about.   

This product is perfect for business obviously as it will permit the client to visualize what you are talking about during a presentation.  But this product can also be used in education when a teacher needs to create a clear graphical explanation of some concept or at home for genealogy, scrapbooking, saving online receipts or more.

But I also see a wealth of possibilities for homeschoolers as well – more specifically for the high school level.    Why no use Snagit to encourage your child to do a presentation on a specific subject.   Ultimately, your kids will have to navigate in the workplace and they will have some skills to help them to use the technology to present some ideas, thoughts or projects to their superiors.   

As I mentioned earlier, the program possess a video capture tool which allows you to create screen videos for demos.   These videos can be shared instantly on the social media platforms.   The program will also allow you to enhance your images by combining pictures, enhancing with effects or simply magnifying a part of it.      To get a complete list of the features of Snagit – simply go to

This product is different than video editing as it grabs the image of what you see on your screen immediately.    Nevertheless, if you need to make a presentation of the latest changes on the system being developed, stir the interests of your students on a specific concept or simply wanting to organize your household, Snagit is a tool that can help you.    You will be surprised by what it can do once you started using it.

Snagit is available for immediate download at the TechSmith website for the price of 49.95$ US.   It works on Windows XP with SP2, Vista, Windows 7.    There is also a version for the MacOSX for Snow Leopard, Lion or higher.

Disclaimer: The product has been provided for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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