Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sew Magical for KIDS

485f98810af448c665cbbd081ce3a3fa_1280_1280 Sew Magical for Kids
By Laura Lee Burch
Published at Leisure Arts

About the book

Witnessing a resurgence of interest in hand-fashioned gifts at her creative sewing business, Laura Lee Burch has developed 25 toys and gifts that families can create with love and hand down from one generation to the next. Classic designs that invoke a sense of wonder and spur the imagination, these creations will equip kids to enter a magical world of make-believe. A pirate boat has little pirate dolls and accessories, along with a pirate hat and flag. To go with a doorway puppet theater, there are needle-felted puppets for a princess and knight. Simple costumes include a knight helmet, a stick horse, and an Excalibur sword, plus a fairy flower hat, a cape and mask, and embellished T-shirts. Other projects are a giant octopus pillow, a mermaid rag doll, a tool belt with tools, a ballet bag, a soft baby doll with clothing and a carrier, a tooth fairy pillow, and other items.

My Thoughts

This fun book will guide you to create fun toys for your kids without spending a ton of money.   A tread and a needle is all you will need to put together some original toys in the hands of your children or the kids in your life.

In the introduction section, you will get some guidance on how to stitch and how to proceed with certain techniques necessary in order to make some of the items in the book.   The book contains numerous projects for you whether you have a boy or a girl.   Here’s an idea of the projects included in this book:  Little Ballerina Ballet Bag, a big octopus, a superhero cape and mask, a pirate hat, a pirate flag, a sword, a noble knight’s hood, a royal crown, a broomstick stallion, a baby doll, some baby clothes, a pop star microphone, a mermaid, a handy dandy tool belt and tools, a pirate ship and its crew.  The book also contains the patterns to create all the projects.

I am definitively inspired with this book and as soon as I am confident that I can manage taking such a project, I will do.  Right now, I need to learn how to use my new sewing machine.  

If you are blessed with the gift of sewing and have children in your life who would love cool toys I would like to suggest you that you check out Sew Magical for KIDS.   I’m sure you will find a project or two that will be interesting. 

Sew Magical for Kids is available for purchase at your favorite bookstore, even

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