Friday, September 21, 2012

KanJam The Ultimate Disc Game

image What is KanJam?

KanJam is a game that is gaining popularity and is based in throwing a flying disk into a container to mark points.  

This game originally started back in the mid 1990s when a few guys were throwing a disc into metal garbage can just for the fun of it.   

This game is now found in tailgating, camping, beach parties, school gymnasiums, college campuses, neighborhood parks and backyard parties to name only a few places where it can be played.

How to Play

KanJam consists in flying a disc into a scoring containers and make a goal.   It looks easier than it is but while practicing and having fun, you are exercising yourself.

Here’s the rules and point scores for the game.


And believe it or not there are tournaments and leagues forming as more and more people are discovering this game.

Our Thoughts

When I stumbled on this game I was curious and immediately requested to review one.   Our KanJam arrived quite rapidly in the late spring and we decided to bring it with us as we spend some time in the Toronto area over the summer time.   

I took out the KanJam to let the kids have some fun time throwing the disc at each other and run for it.  

 IMG_4023 IMG_4026

Mind you, I quickly realized that being able to put the disc inside the container was tricky whether you try on the top or through the slot in the container.   It takes ability and dexterity to do so.   For my kids it means practice, practice and practice some more.    They enjoyed playing with this game even though they hopes to be able to score were not fulfilled.

I think this game would be more fun for them when they are a bit more older and when they can get-together with other friends to play it.   In a way it reminded me of Ultimate Football when you run around with a Frisbee however this time, you need to be at a certain distance to be able to score a point.

What I particularly like for this specific game is that it can be used in school for Physical Education.   Apparently more than 2000 schools are using it as part of their PE classes.   A great way to encourage the kids to move and have fun while being outside (or indoors depending of the weather!).

As for us, this game is a keeper for our camping days and we will definitively bring it with us wherever we go in the future.

Where to buy?

The KanJam Ultimate Disc Game itself can be purchase directly from the website for the price of $39.95 (at the time of this blog post).  You can also find it at various stores in the US and Canada.  Simply look at their store locator page to find where you can buy it.  For Ottawa you can find the game at the Bed Bath & Beyond in Barrhaven and the one on Terminal Avenue.

You can also purchase a KanJam Glow-in-the-Dark Kit that will bring more challenge for you and your friends when playing at night.   This is currently 29.95$ on the website.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book for review purposes from KanJam. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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